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From the latest MSE email:

In our two recent banking-app polls, Starling and Monzo were in the top positions both times. They’re app-only banks with debit cards but no branches, and their apps offer the usual features (eg, transferring cash) with added gizmos. Plus they have good perks - as does our polls’ next best, NatWest. So if your bank’s app-alling, and a good mobile experience matters, here are the accounts with top apps and hot perks. If you don’t care about apps, you can get bigger bonuses on traditional accounts, as stated below. And as we always say, switching’s easy.

  • Top-rated apps - incl no fees abroad. A huge 70%-ish rated Starling’s and Monzo’s apps (for Apple and Android) ‘great, with lots of features’ in Nov and Jun’s polls. Starling won one, Monzo the other, with little between them. Both offer gizmos such as spending notifications, letting you freeze lost cards and ring-fencing cash into pots for savings etc. But Starling wins on perks:
  • Fee-free abroad + 0.5% interest. Starling* has no spending or ATM fees abroad - most others charge 3%. Plus you get 0.5% AER variable interest on up to £2k, 0.25% on £2k-£85k. Cards come in 3-5 working days and you can pay in cash at NatWest, and cheques by post.

  • Fee-free spending abroad but with a big cash restriction. Monzo* has no overseas spending fees but is only fee-free on up to £200 per 30 days at ATMs abroad (then 3%). Cards take roughly 3 working days to arrive and you can pay in cheques by post, but annoyingly you CAN’T pay in cash.

  • There aren’t lots of conditions to get these perks (eg, min pay-ins) like traditional bank switch bonuses. You can open, then dump it if not for you - plus there’s no hard credit check if you choose no overdraft.

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I opened a Starling account to use on a recent trip to SE Asia (why wouldn’t I want free ATM withdrawals). Based on that experience don’t think there is much between the apps (prefer Monzo but that may be down to familiarity), but Starling CS was shockingly poor.

I had a failed ATM transaction which still went through on my account - trying to get this refunded was painful. In-app chat is appalling over slow/intermittent connections so I sent messages. After a week and a half of chasing, it was only when I shamed them on twitter that they replied. Then the wrong transaction was refunded, which meant another few weeks of faff trying to sort this out when the refund was (obviously) rejected.

A really poor experience (worse than two legacy banks I’ve used) with no-one ever taking ownership of just getting the problem sorted. Put me off switching from Monzo to Starling for good.


Customer Service is the one thing Starling are working on extremely hard.

Doesn’t help people who have experienced poor CS, but should help moving forward.

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Customer Service is the one thing Starling are working on extremely hard.

When did they say they were working on it? Because just a few days ago (have a look in the previous posts here) I had a shockingly bad experience given how simple my query was. To me it sounds just like the thing with their card processing outages, just apologies but nothing ever gets done.

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Some of them are lacking commitment compared to the guy second from left…

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That’s James. He’ll take that as a compliment methinks.:grin:


It was never intended as anything but!

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It is very kind of Starling team… but at the same time… slightly embarrassing… :joy:

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Hi Monzo please notice us, we are just over the road if you were wondering :joy_cat:

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I’d be up for a Coral/Guru wave off…

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A coral vs Guru Ninja Warrior…


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This could be a major challenger-bank event. Let’s get opinions…


Maybe Graham has a point.