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When I signed up to Starling a year ago I thought customer service was excellent. I think I am asking more difficult questions these days though, and they can’t even give me a clear answer about one of the conditions for a business account that should be quite straight forward.

The specific issue is that they say for the business that “the Company is incorporated, registered and has its center of main interest in the United Kingdom” (yes that is their spelling of “center” from their website).

I asked if this means my activity carrying out the work has to be mainly in the UK, or if the income has to be mainly from UK business and individuals. I have a feeling them mean the latter, but after a week they still can’t give me an answer despite being prompted a few times.

They also haven’t got back to me on my question about why my debit card records transactions on the card and these are accessible with a card reader app on a mobile phone.

Now to be balanced, I haven’t had to use Monzo support very often, but when I have it has been good although only on simple issues.

But this is about “heart versus head”, and while it used to be head saying Starling (for business at least), and heart with Monzo, it’s now becoming both for Monzo in the hope they can offer something to sole traders soon, and without any restriction on who provides my income in terms of their geography. In this day and age I should be able to work internationally (within established trade rules of course) and not worry if my bank is interested in whether my business income is from the UK or otherwise.

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In fairness to Starling - is that not more to do with which tax jurisdiction you are working under - complications on receiving monies from other countries without tax being paid in that country - not for one moment suggesting that you are - but it must have a number of complications receiving money from unknown sources ??? don’t know enough about it :slight_smile:


Was just about to say something similar along the tax point

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I totally agree. But I’ve had a business account with other banks, they asked the relevant questions, were happy and opened an account for me. My point is about customer service. Shouldn’t they know the answer to a question about their own Terms and Conditions? It’s not an unusual situation to be working in one country for a business in another. My main business is within the EU/EEA so it should be relatively simple.

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I agree - I want Monzo and Starling C-ops to be the font of all knowledge , unfortunately they sometime have to ask others which doesnt provide an immediate answer - I had a situation about large money transfers into Monzo which the Cop was a bit unsure of the correct answer and took about 20 minutes to find the definitive answer - he got back to me , I was happy with the waiting time - was doing something else while I waited :slight_smile:

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Again, I agree. As I said, it’s been a week, and they just keep saying they will get an answer as soon as they can. When I asked how long that might be, they couldn’t tell me. I can wait a day, or two days for a well researched definitive answer. Twenty minutes would be amazing :slight_smile:

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Well just closed my Starling account. Guess we all find a bank / app we prefer. For me Monzo wins out but others will have had a different experience. I’m going to switch soon despite being able to get cash back with another bank where I to switch to them. I’d wish Monzo did a community app as well.

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There is an app for Discourse - the platform that this community’s built on :smiley: it only sends you notifications (& has an embedded browser view), as the site works perfectly on mobile for pretty much everything else. You can download it here -

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Honestly, this kind of “app” is shameful and is an insult to actual apps.

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It does the job perfectly for me, it’s all I need :slight_smile:

I think it’s another example of focusing on the important things, rather than trying to solve 100% of use cases :wink:


After talking far too much about banks to friends and family recently, I was asked which one I prefer out of Starling and Monzo.

It was difficult to really pin point my issues with both (and my fondness of them), so I wrote a blog post!

I figured it fit in with this thread, so I thought I’d tag on rather than make a new one.

Hope you enjoy!


I really enjoyed reading your post (not sure if reading a bank review and saying enjoy together is a bit far!) but appreciated your honest opinion on both, and definitely will help a lot of people undecided between both, as from the outside in can look very similar!

Interestingly off the back of this, I’ve spent most of my weekend trying to explain to my Dad why Monzo or Starling are future of banking, and trying to get him to sign up fully to Monzo, he still can’t get his around crowdfunding, and how both banks are inevitably free for all, he’s just struggling to accept how it’s all a good move for him!

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Great read, A lot of my own experiences match what you’ve wrote.


I had the same conversation with my friend this morning - He enjoyed reading it, I enjoyed writing it… what have we become??

Also ditto on the “getting their head around a bank” thing - Most people just don’t care enough, or realise what they may be missing out on. It’ll slowly come though, especially as the main banks improve their digital offering.

Thanks for reading!

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The dodgy images being the reason customised images isn’t allowed was denied by a member of staff. No actual reason was given but it’s not that


Ahh, was it? I tried to search but couldn’t find any reference for it (and it wasn’t a big part of the blog).

Thanks for clarifying though (I’d still like custom images!).