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Read up on it and found it rather self absorbed and pretentious.

Still, off topic, so back to comparisons of the 2 main ‘challenger’ banks


After we dusted off the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, the other day, I was kinda thinking a little light-hearted distraction was a better way to go.

If it wasn’t off-topic, I’d be asking your views on cats. And pineapple on pizza.


I’m still not meeting the requirements for a starling account and after a post on the forum been told they’ll look into why !


It’s nice that they’ve responded, though. Hopefully they’ll look again at their decision for you.

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I really liked your response on the gambling thread in the Starling community forums, hopefully they’ll take on your suggestions and improve it so more users can be helped whether they use Monzo or Starling :+1:t3:


Let me tell you all about MiFID II, PRIIPS, 4AML and GDPR


This is one of the reasons why I can’t quite get passionate about the whole Monzo vs Starling thing. If they both succeed in raising the industry-wide bar, be it for customer service or features like the gambling block, then power to their collective elbows.


Yeah it is I’ve thanked them for the time, just curious into reason why :slight_smile:

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"Starlin**g seems to me to me to be on all levels as good or better a product for the customer.**
But as an investor by all means carry on boosting Monzo through content free posts"

you asked for more content -

Interest: 0.5% on Starling cash, not much, but better than 0% on Monzo
this has been discussed lots of times on the forum , it doesnt really alter my choice of bank when at most you are talking £10 a year if you keep £2000 sat in your account, the whole amount, for the whole year , admittedly its better than Monzos £0 a year at present. advantage Starling £10 a year :slight_smile: if you’ve got £2000 to sit in your account to accrue the £10 :slight_smile:
Forex: Equal pegging, both give good rates. However, I have frequently had Monzo refused overseas.
I have never had my Monzo card refused abroad in 2 1/2 years of use - we must travel to different countries - actually thats untrue I have had it refused in Holland :slight_smile: , there are also reports on the Starling community of their cards being refused - equal pegging
Top-ups: I get begging messages from Monzo asking me not to do this, but not from Starling
I get a message that says “we use a third party provider for these top ups so each one costs us money- if you can add money via bank transfer please do” - right above the top up button - “begging” ? no not really “begging” in my opinion - asking you to use a different system
Overdrafts: Not eligible for an overdraft from Monzo. Starling gave me £250 on Day 1 without my asking. As I have over 25K credit lines on other cards and zero end month balances on them, Monzo is hamstringing itself here since banks only really make money from loans and in my case at least its algorithms have in my opinion produced a dumb answer.
"dumb answer " Monzo can choose who they lend money to, at the moment they choose not to lend it to you , their choice - did Starling “give you £250 on day one without my asking” or did you sign a credit agreement to get that £250 offer of overdraft ? - “zero end balance on them” - so the other dumb banks are lending their customers money for no return ??? :slight_smile:
Credit rating: Monzo only shares rating info with CallCredit, which is a small player. Starling goes wider. So a Monzo account will do nothing much that is useful for your credit rating as the account is invisible to the major credit rating agencies.
fortunately you have access to £25,000 of credit elsewhere - why did Starling “only” offer you £250 ?
Apps: Level pegging. Both have adequate breakdowns. Note that both have lost the advantage of instant app sight of spending as all my other cards now do this.
don’t know who all your other cards are with so no comment - in your opinion they seem to have both lost the initiative here
Statements: Starling wins here as it will email proper monthly statements.
Monzo has the function to export by email proper monthly statements, press the button - exported to email - you seem unaware of this fact
Starling - having used touch ID to get into the account they then ask for a password to export the statement - can I remember my password ? - get in touch with C-ops- very quick answer - to reset my password go to account settings - asks for photo ID to reset my password - searches for passport - cant find passport - just wanted a statement for my records - is this a win ??? :slight_smile:
Setting up: Instant for Starling, wait list for Monzo.
Monzo has no waiting list - you seem unaware of this fact
Main account: I am probably old-fashioned but I would not be interested in using any app bank as my main account
thats your choice - don’t quite understand why you want to compare Monzo with Starling on this point as you don’t want to use either apparently :slight_smile:
I’d be interested to hear from others why they feel that from an objective point of view Monzo would be a better choice than Starling.
Its all about choice isn’t it, some feel more comfortable with one rather than the other, neither is wrong :slight_smile:


I think we can all agree one thing…

Customer Service
Monzo > Starling

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Monzo in app chat has been slow in the past sometimes , had an in app chat with Starling this am - answered in about 1 minute :+1:

Starling do seem to get more comments about bad communication :slight_smile: hopefully the C-ops team numbers can cope with the martin lewis effect :slight_smile:


Yeah, they can answer in 10 seconds but if they don’t know what they talking about…I’d rather wait a little longer for some competence…