Starling Discussion: Part 2

Logging into your account on a new phone is a pain :tired_face:

I didn’t know you had to take a video saying a phase and wait for it to be approved. This is in addition to giving them your PIN and passcode.

Hopefully it doesn’t take too long :pray:

Wow, that’s a bit complicated :open_mouth:

Good luck :relaxed:

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Yep, discovered this a couple of months back when I changed my phone!

Thankfully all was sorted within ~2 hours.

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Mine was sorted within a couple of hours back in November.

Good luck

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I only added my account to my iPad a few days ago and got the notification it had been approved within an hour.

That’s good in a way, stops unauthorised access. If your email is compromised along with pin this puts another barrier in place.

Not sure any scammers be doing deep fake videos yet to be able to login :sweat_smile:



Yep, this is a good development.

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