Starling Discussion: Part 2

Just in case anyone misses the actual in app notification when logging in

Thanks for posting - I don’t have anything in app to warn me -.-

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It’s there this morning - along with ad for kids cards. R-

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An advert you can dismiss an all unlike Plus on my Monzo account

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Is it just me or can you not get through to their live chat? I tried last night and this morning and still
The same :face_with_monocle: any ideas ? Have tried messaging them like in account / email and no response either normally there pretty good tbh!

It’s in a little (i) next to your profile picture in the “Home” screen.


Nope, nothing. Wonder why.


I don’t recall if this “i” feature is OS specific. Saw it today on my iPhone…

Very strange. Looks like this on mine.


It’s the top right on Android. And a splash screen when opening the app.

I don’t get a splash screen either

Edit: Seems there was an app update yesterday. Have the ‘i’ now. Seems strange that a version from a week or so ago wouldn’t have the upcoming service outage functionality.