Starling Discussion: Part 2

It is possible to discuss multiple things.

This story was already posted further up.


I assume it’s not that important. The new card isn’t too different and a lot of people probably won’t even notice it’s changed as they will still have the old card.


But why are you (and others) even looking?

I can’t be the only person who thinks it’s outright rude to look at the card the person in front is using anyway - certainly always was before contactless came along. I still always avert my eyes in case they need to type a PIM in.

What is your problem with the discussion of cards? If you don’t like it you don’t have to comment.

Seeing the colour of someones card is no different to noticing they have the newest iPhone or limited edition Nike trainers or the latest LV handbag.

You think looking at someones card is rude and discussing the design of them is juvenile. Maybe this topic isn’t for you.


But why are you even looking at a discussion you aren’t interested in?


I often notice what cards people are using, especially Monzo, it’s hot coral, hard to miss!


I work in retail, get to spot all the new cards early, although Apple pay etc has taken over, hardly see a physical card now.


I’m sorry, what? Next time I’ll make sure to queue with my eyes firmly pinned to the ceiling so that I don’t accidentally catch a glimpse of someone’s card or heaven forbid someone entering their PIN!

Whether you like it or not, card designs are an important part of a financial institution’s branding and help brand awareness a lot.

Usually it’s something dull and you can’t quite tell what they’re using but when you spot a hot coral card or an Amex Platinum you instantly know, and might even help plant a little seed so next time you’re looking you will check those providers out first


I’m not purposely intentionally staring at their card, the colour is an eye catcher which is the whole point of the colour and branding.

Not sure what your problem is but if this topic isn’t for you, please move on.


My problem isn’t with the discussion of card design - it’s with the the level of importance seemingly being placed on it. And telling people if they’re being rude is just the right thing to do - like calling queue jumpers out.

I mean I guess intently staring at someone entering a PIN might be rude but noticing someone tapping a card contactlessly in front of me isn’t exactly staring and certainly isn’t rude.

I would likely also notice their hair colour and the jacket they are wearing.


Yep - having an eye catching and unique colour is definitely a design choice so that banks have people carry a ‘mini-billboard’ around with them. I fairly regularly spot Monzo Coral and Starling Teal cards being tapped. I even spotted a Monzo Business card over the weekend - but that was because I was wondering why the guy in front of me at Tesco was buying 20 lettuces, and then he got that card out.

I’ve been surprised at how many friends have actually got Starling tbh - it’s not something discussed and I’m generally a bit shocked when someone else whips out their Starling card.


I’d never watch someone enter their pin, but given the majority run by contactless now anyway it’s very rarely seen.

Vijay clearly has nothing better to do with his time.

I know what ndrw means, there is nearly a hint of exictment when you see a rare or exclusive card, its nothing to do with being nosey or looking over peoples shoulder, we are on a banking forum its our kind of thing spotting cards etc

Thinking about it, this sort of advertisement clearly works to some extent considering how little Monzo advertises in the “traditional” ways like TV etc.

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It’s cost them very little to grow 2mil accounts in a year or whatever it is.

Most likely the news pages, and then word of mouth.


I only just realised that Starling can’t be added as a connected account. Wtf!

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Very few people support starling open banking due to they way they have implemented it and it’s to the open banking standard as such


Sounds quite intentional. Wouldn’t expect anything less than low-blows from them, though.

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