Starling Discussion & Feedback

My wife re-opened Starling account without any problems. They asked her to contact CS before re-opening. So she contacted Starling 12 months after closure they removed her mobile phone number from system and she opened a new account.


“People close to Starling…”

Sounds a bit tabloid to me.

That’s the people being nice about Starling though, not some snidey unnamed naysayer, so we can probably let that bit of lingo slide :slight_smile:

Not sure exactly what the remits of a Chief Platform Officer are/were given that Megan appears to totally dominate the first few pages of Google when I search for the term, so maybe it is okay to leave it unfilled, but seems strange to not appoint a new COO


“Our success means that we are seen as a source of talent and many ex-Starlings move on to great roles in companies that want to emulate us. We wish them all well.” (Starling spokesperson)

If this is how it works then how long do we have until Jonas trades up to a better paying role at Bo and Paul is lured over to Jaja? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They should be honest and admit they need to work on incentivising and motivating senior staff. :woman_shrugging:

People can move on for all sorts of personal reasons, but when everyone runs for the door it can be a red flag indicating culture issues or staff not buying into the long term vision.


For those who’ve closed Starling accounts, what was your experience? Partner and I are both closing our accounts and they’ve told us it’s a 7 day process :thinking: (and also ‘lost’ my chat confirmation the joint account could be closed so already been waiting a week for that one).