Starling Discussion & Feedback

I think they changed their criteria, much easier to get in at the beginning.

I’ve been using Starling for 2 months now and it has never let me down, never been declined and never had downtime.

I started to use Monzo to try 2 months of use for comparison and hit issues the first day.
Away on a long term business trip overseas it has been declined in several shops whereas Starling was accepted. (even when I tried to use the chip/pin on 2 pos units it said unable to use chip on this card please use stripe/band which failed also and yes it was switched on)

Not a good start as I was hoping more from Monzo. Nice card, more detailed info on the transactions.
Also I cannot upload any receipts on Monzo. Capture function does not work. Take photo goes in a loop asking me to open the app again with my fingerprint. Wrote to Monzo asking to advise me on the bug/issue.

So my partner is using Starling still as she needs a reliable card.

I only use Monzo for the saving pot applets and occasionally if the merchant has contacless pos.
Also seemed to work for online purchases ok.
Just not in shops with the pos units.
May just keep it for online usage and savings.

Shame as I wanted to build up a history for a possible loan option also.

sounds like for you you should be using Starling as it obviously suits you better, and for you it is more reliable :slight_smile:

And from all your posts about the inadequacies of Monzo, and Starling always saving the day for you, that you prefer Starling anyway , which is great that you have found a bank account that suits your needs :ok_hand: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I did really want (expected) both to work equally as well. I’m never happy relying on just one.
Well Monzo can be used for all my online pruchases at least. Just doesn’t like some pos units.
Love the IFTTT applets for saving on Monzo so still using these.

Also find the Monzo card of better quality. Starling feels so flimsy.

Block the Starling for online transactions and use for daily shopping.
Monzo for all online only.


I’m not sure this is what it seems, tbh. Starling was funded by one person (Harald McPike), with Anne having presumably injected equity too (I think I read somewhere that she sold/remortgaged her house, but I might be misremembering).

Now they have had more funding, existing shares get diluted, including Anne’s. The current situation at Starling is more similar to Monzo’s where (I think, I haven’t checked) Tom hasn’t been a person of significant control for some time (if ever).


I have just tried to re open an account after it was closed over 14 months ago
Yep I was rejected saying that I should contact a credit agency
Did that and nothing was evident to why I should be rejected ( clean bill of health with an exceptional credit worthiness)
So I would say that Yes Starling are rejecting old customers

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I thought Starling had a minimum time period you had to serve before you could reopen an account?

That’s what we are led to believe. However I have absolutely nothing wrong in any form or shape with my credit file but still have been (only) rejected by Starling.

You are right but at the same time everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I would also like to add that I obviously met the criteria 12 months ago (before I decided to leave after several months of using Starling as my sole account)

Nothing has changed on my side

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Not trying to be cynical, but how can we be certain that it is incorrect?


I suppose we will never find out as the bank does not have to give any reason


I have a decent amount of time for Starling, but defaulting to keeping quiet is definitely their comfort zone!


All I can state is that they (Starling) advised me to check my credit file. I’m assuming that this would of highlighted an issue. Unfortunately it hasn’t

On speaking to the help line they could not offer any further details as the account has no recorded notes for them to refer to. They where also clueless

So yes I do not meet the criteria but the question regarding what this criteria has now become is very much open

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Which credit file did you check?

You’re right.

No one can here can actually say what’s true or not about why they rejected you since no one here works for Starling. It may well be that they’ve decided not to take old customers back for a while, who knows?

But whatever the reason is, I agree that it’s their decision to make so :man_shrugging:

I personally know someone who reopened an account 12 months after closing it. This was fairly recently. Who knows why they wouldn’t reopen this one but I’m fairly sure it isn’t because they have a policy against returning customers.

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So this popped up in their FB feed this morning:

I am taking “Starling, the leading digital bank” with a rather large dollop of salt, well they would say that wouldn’t they, but this seems on the surface like a worthwhile idea


Anyone else see the Monzo/Starling bit on The Gadget Show this week?

No! Tell us more :pray:


People close to Starling insisted the departees had left the bank on good terms. But other people who had spoken to Ms Caywood and Mr Chisell said there had been some friction between executives inside the bank.

One described Ms Caywood’s departure as “very bitter”, and another person close to Mr Chisell said there had been tensions around his exit.