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I have a Starling account but not really used it however lately I’ve been thinking about using it now so I just wanted to know what does Starlings merchant data look like e.g. is it complete and if it’s not how quick are they to fix things like incorrect logos, addresses etc.?

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Not too bad

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Can you free type the merchant info though, also how long does it take for this to change?


I believe they are only updating the merchants with every app update now.

From the sounds of it, it’s just as bad as Monzo’s implementation (as far as updating it goes).

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Hmmm was gonna use Starling more coz I’m bored of merchant data fails but if Starling are the same may as well just stick with Monzo

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Just go with N26 then, they don’t have any merchant data at all :joy:

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Returning briefly to Starling last week (used it a bit like prepaid card when at an event), I was rather disappointed by both the state of the merchant data and the transaction page. Possibly looks more austere than when I left full time for Monzo and, unlike with Monzo account, I just did not feel like expending the effort on trying to submit improvements

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So it’s kinda ‘basic’ then?


I must be one of the few who simply doesn’t look into the data as much as others.

If I buy something on my Monzo card, I’m happy with my notification - I don’t ever really go into the app to delve further into the purchase.

I’d love the merchant logo to be accurate - But I’m not particularly annoyed that it isn’t… It just doesn’t look as good.

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I remember saying back on the Starling forum that the Monzo transaction page made much better use of the space and the like. Then Starling disabled the map, promising that it would be the start of a change to catch up. That was in August or September…

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I am more “worried” about consistency between different bits of the same merchant than the full content most of the time

The different ticket machines at my local station are all programmed with different names and merchant IDs and they’ve just renamed their website to use the name of the company they replaced last year

Been trying to get them all together under one name so I can see combined history


I’m generally really quite happy with the Starling App. Overall, I’m generally happy with the account. The banking App does everything I need it to do, pay people/companies/direct debits etc. I just love the convenience of the whole package. Oh, and I really like my new ‘Teal’ card by the way. :sunglasses:

Concerning merchant logos, I’ve just accepted that it would appear that updating logos just isn’t deemed important. I’m not sure if anyone who works for Starling Bank reads this thread, but if logo improvements aren’t going to get done, then why not just withdraw the ability to submit them? I’ve submitted several, they just don’t get updated, even after App updates. Ok, it isn’t the most important thing in the world, but it’s bloody frustrating if you send in submissions and they’re ignored. There you go, moan out of the way :smirk:

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I understand this has been said by CS, but i’ve been told this is not the case at all so i dont know.

I think they have been very busy since the end of last year so have prioritised BizOps staff to do other things. Hopefully as they’re getting more staff onboard it will get back to normal, but i suspect they weren’t actually prepared for the significant surge in signups that the ad campaign brought, it’s common sense to me but maybe it was even greater than they hoped.


Ah, communication at it’s finest!

Merchant data clearly isn’t important to Monzo or Starling - I don’t think either of them come out well when this is looked into.

Thankfully I don’t care… But I can see why it might be annoying to some.

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Yes, i did my usual, bypassed CS and went nearer the top lol! Hence being a little vague as i didnt ask if i could repeat private convo’s all over forums :see_no_evil: That said, it’s been raised as an issue.


It’s only annoying because they provide a facility to submit an improvement and certainly in my case, nothing gets done, which renders the ‘improve a logo’ submission pointless.


Yeah, finding the right info to even bother submitting an update that may or may not get done doesn’t sound appetising to me!


Is Anne number one or two on speed dial? :wink:


Don’t be silly…

Anne is on FaceTime with

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Neither sadly. I just threatened to burn her as an effigy made of leeks and daffodils over at the other forum so i suspect the only way she’d be contacting me is via a restraining order now…