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Recently I decided to open an account with Starling for testing although I have to say that’s despite the fact that I’m not a huge fan of their app design.

The only real advantage I’ve seen with Starling is the ability to send money internationally without dealing with TransferWise.

I opened a TransferWise account to use it with Monzo and in the end I just wasn’t a fan so I closed it and now I can’t send money through Monzo because of it. If Monzo ever does their own payment system for international payments then I’ll be able to close my Starling account and HSBC UK account and have my Monzo account be my only current account.


Very brave of you


What is wrong with that?


Any bank can have an issue at any time. Have a backup.

(Dean Meehan) #1443

Starling Bank, the UK mobile-only challenger bank, has submitted an application for a full banking license with the Central Bank of Ireland as it readies a launch here later this year.

Chief executive Anne Boden said the bank, which currently has some 460,000 personal current accounts and 30,000 SME accounts in the UK, will “definitely” set up a subsidiary in Ireland later this year to service the Irish market, with a staff of between 10 and 30 people.

It seems as if N26, Revolut are currently winning in the Irish Market currently in the Challenger Banks. I for one use Revolut to have my salary paid in since it supports Euro wallets but I still use Monzo as my primary account for the majority of my transactions while in Northern Ireland.

(Nathan) #1444

Good to see, my mates who live in the south are forever complaining about the banks down there.

Think theyre all in the same boat as you @meehanman and use revolut also. But with its dodgey image at the minute im sure theyd actually be happy to swap over to Starling

Just to add:
Its a nice sigh of relief that if a united ireland where to happen theres a nice backup there waiting :slight_smile:


Anne Boden has a new book coming out in June 2019, called “The Money Revolution: Easy ways to manage your finances in a digital world”

(Craig A Rodway) #1446

Starling has four significant web applications: Online banking (in development), […]

(Kolok) #1447

What’s your opinion ?

I think it’s unfair to take the money away because they probably deserve it, but if there is some evidence of favoritism then not sure how they should go about it.


Slow news day I’d say.

The fact that Starling got out in front of this to start off with shows great vision.

Plus, they’d have likely worked ten times as hard to make sure their proposal smashed it out of the park, knowing full well it would be scrutinised.


Two people in an industry know each other. Shocking.

(NM) #1450

I think it depends if the conflict of interest was declared to start with…Which they clearly did or at least tried to

(Michael) #1451

Saw it earlier via my Google feed

Struck me more as sour grapes on the part of the losing parties than anything particularly untoward


Starling were up front about the “conflict”.
There was five panel members.

This is a non story.


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Well done to Starling for winning three major awards at the banking awards tonight. Best Bank for the second year running, and two extra awards for good measure, one being best business account and the other being best current account.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1457

That story was posted eight posts up.

(Michael) #1458

That is from The Times, rather than the Evening Standard as above

As with the Monzo in the Media thread here, I would personally welcome all links from the different papers

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1459

Even paywalled ones? I’d have thought if you’re already a subscriber, you wouldn’t sit and wait for others to point out articles to read.

Is the Times article offering a different take, or is it simply rewriting the Standard?

(Michael) #1460

Yes, even paywall ones, even though I cannot see it all myself. Even someone with a subscription could miss it as we’re all busy

All papers rewrite or slant stories, and this is no difference, but I still appreciate the selection of sources to help shape my own views (even if to their contrary)

Had you written that first time it would (still) have been a fair point, but might have communicated the point better than saying it is the same story