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I’ve never heard of Starling wanting anyone to call them before…

(Splodf) #1420

N26 (now closed)
Pensionbee (does that count)

On the waiting list for Jaja, Tumelo and Freetrade.

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I’m not sure, when I first applied like 6 months ago I think there was somehting wrong with my application and it said I had to call them. I recently decided to finish setting up the account but then I counldn’t remember the password and the only way to reset it is to call them apparently. I don’t think I ever even set a password but who knows.


I can see where you’re coming from and although I’m not a Monzo customer (I love being part of the community tho!), it seems that both Monzo and Starling offer a lot of the same, so I couldn’t justify at this stage opening a Monzo account. As for the rest, seems they’re Euro based and I’m not interested in non UK banks even if some of them offer better options than Starling or Monzo.


I see WeSwap mentioned again. I have a card, but isn’t it just a currency card? It was great when I used it but I don’t need it anymore.

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Not needed imo. Starling is better.

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Does loot offer anything unique? Though they looked kinda cool.

(Splodf) #1426

No not really.

It’s just a prepaid account, like Monzo used to be.


Want a queue jump for Freetrade?

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Thanks though.

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Actually I do have my Amex too :smiley:

(lewis oconnor) #1430

how are you finding wealthify and nutmeg? I currently use moneybox, cant really find anything detailed anywhere on which is currently performing the best

(Splodf) #1431

Both doing fine. Nutmeg and Wealthify are both up, Wealthify a little more then Nutmeg but it’s been a much higher risk level. It’s been quite a turbulent 6 months too!

I personally think Nutmeg is better then Wealthify, the app is better and the desktop version of their site is really good.

Not a Moneybox fan, I think they’re too expensive for a managed service.

If you ever want to try it let me know, I can grab you a referral link we both get no fees for 6 months with Nutmeg.

(lewis oconnor) #1432

is there a minimum monthly pay in fee with nutmet though?
very interested in trying it but this puts me off a little

(Splodf) #1433


£5000 in, there’s no monthly fee

Between £500 and £4999 you have to commit to a minimum of £100 p/m

I’ve asked today of you can open a Cash Pot and commit £100 a month to that and then split it between your active pots, I haven’t had an answer yet. (I would imagine it will be a no, but we’ll see!).


Can I ask why did you close your N26 account? Last time I checked their faqs they don’t allow you to open a new account for 10 (!) years, which is a big deterrent for me, even though I don’t currently need them

Edit: can’t find the 10 year thing now, it seems they changed it to 5. Still a lot


I believe it’s actually 5 years, well that’s what I’ve just read when I did a search on a well known search engine. Personally, that would be enough to put me off from opening an account with them anyway, but that’s just me.


Hm, they might’ve changed it. I distinctly remember when they launched I saw it and pointed out to friends who were shocked. I can’t find it for the life of me now

(Splodf) #1437

I couldn’t think of a single reason I’d need it?


True, I’m the same, but I just don’t know what they might come up with in 2-3 years. I guess I should worry less about closing a bank account :stuck_out_tongue: