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Yes, from my Starling account to hers…


Starling reviews…Interestingly, I’ve just been reading some of the reviews left on Trustpilot. Most of them are extremely positive, but like any service or company, you’re always going to get ‘customers’ that are genuinely not having a great time, or are just being bloody minded and leaving a poor review for the sake of it, and I’m sure that happens across the board.

For me, I’ve been a customer of Starling Bank since the TSB debacle last year and switched. It was the best thing I’ve done on a banking perspective for years. I’ve never had a single issue except for wanting a replacement card for my original card that split, but that was resolved without fuss and my new card arrived within 36 hours. Payments, direct debits, all great. Debit card use abroad, fantastic, used it in Dubai recently, no issues whatsoever and I’m off to the US soon and looking forward to using it there. Credit card payments, absolute breeze, set my Amex card payment details within a couple of minutes and when I pay my statement, it happens instantly.

Haven’t used Goals yet so can’t comment. I have a good overdraft option if I ever require it, but I haven’t been overdrawn for 23 years, so probably isn’t going to be required.

All in all, a great experience. I wish banking had been like this 20 years ago.

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Great review @Topsy2, hope you left it on TrustPilot too! :smiley:


Thanks. Though I’m not going to leave a review on Trustpilot, not because I don’t believe in what I’ve posted here, but because I’m just not generally a fan of leaving reviews on that type of site. That might come across as being a little strange, but there it is!

What gets my back up though with some of the poor reviews is this. Usually, you’ll find there’s some sort of ‘back story’ that the reviewer isn’t going to reveal, such as credit history, the fact they might not have even resided in the country for the requisite period of time, lack of competence with tech etc. I make a point of the last one, lack of competence, because I’ve had to deal with family/close friends who’ve gone down the road of trying to advance themselves with banking/energy swaps etc, and actually don’t have a clue about the tech their using, which ends up hampering their ability to pursue their end goal, and then because they are so frustrated re their lack of progress, they end up blaming so other poor bugger. I try to help where I can, but sometimes I’d be better off just pulling teeth.

I genuinely enjoy my current banking experience. As I say, I’m in my fifties and I embrace technology where I can. It just absolutely annoys the backside off of me when people of my generation or older resort to the ‘I’m not doing that because I don’t understand it and it’s not safe’ argument. I understand that there are still plenty of people who don’t use the internet, or use a smartphone and sadly, these people are being left behind. I’d be absolutely stuck without my smartphone because I do all of my financial activities on it. As I said previously, the very thought of even going into a physical bank branch these days, would make me feel like I was wasting part of my life and day that I would never get back.

Fintech…I love it!


I am with you and I’m well into my fifties. Often I am well ahead of my ‘millennial’ children when it comes to fintech! I would never put all my banking with one bank though as some seem to do as it leaves you vulnerable to down times and system errors. That said, I do possibly go too far the other way though as I have about 7 accounts! :grinning:


I message them in app about logos and they advised check the update notes on the app store for merchant updates.

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Same here I have about that all the fintechs such as starling, Monzo, dozens, Revolut etc along with legacy accounts Barclays NatWest

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Wait for @Rat_au_van to come along and trump you all. Must be nearing 50 fintech accounts now :wink:


I mentioned it in another post, I’ve submitted logo improvements multiple times and they just don’t get done, which is a shame because for the first couple of months I had the account, if you submitted a logo improvement, they were done really rather quickly. I just get the impression it’s no longer of much importance. Such is life. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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8 (including Viola Black, not sure if they actually count…) and waiting for another 4 to launch their apps :yum:

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Real commitment to the cause opening with Viola Black…


Yeah, I’m going to keep things relatively simple. Just the one fintech account for me. I have Nationwide accounts, 1 sole and 1 joint, and I aint giving Nationwide up anytime soon, especially when the paid package is as good as it is. My Wife and I travel globally, regularly and the travel insurance alone is worth the paid package aspect.

I’m sure people have their reasons for having multiple accounts, but I’m not sure it can really do much for one’s credit rating applying for and operating so many accounts, though I’m sure I’ll be informed I am wrong about this. To be honest, I can’t see the point of having so many accounts anyway, but each to their own. :ok_hand:

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I’m the same - Starling for all my banking and Nationwide FlexPlus for the insurance benefits.


Spot on mate :ok_hand: All you need now is Amex and you’re set for the world.:ok_hand:

To be fair, I don’t travel into mainland Europe anymore, so ‘Euro accounts’ aren’t really much use to me. It’s the US, Caribbean, South Africa and Far East mostly for me these days, except for the odd stopover at Schiphol Airport (I love that airport!) or Charles de Gaulle (not so great airport, sorry :wink:)

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What are they all? I’m a bit of a collector too.
Currently I’m with:

Monese UK & EU

On the waitlist for Jaja
I tried to apply for a Starling account but they said I had to call them and I haven’t bothered yet.

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I only regularly use 2 out of the 8 or so I have.
I’ll open an account just to try them out for a week. I like to get in early just so I can have an account if it does get big in the future too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fair enough if you like all the faff involved in having so many accounts. Just remember, HMRC will know who you are…Mmwaaaahhaaa :rofl:

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I’m probably on list somewhere for having so many accounts.


It’s not affected my credit rating. I have used traditional accounts for different reasons over the years as they come with different benefits. Recently though I have just become interested in the new fintech banks so have opened out of curiosity and I like the instant notifications and the ease in which they can be used with things like Android Pay. However, I will be closing one legacy bank in order to swap to Nationwide because like yourself I am impressed with their packaged flex account and competitive savings account.


I’m now starting to wonder why Starling want you to call them…