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A few months back, I had a bit of a downer on Starling. In fact, I almost dumped them but things got better, especially once I started using my Starling Debit card abroad. I’ve accepted that whenever I submit logo improvements that they just don’t get done anymore, well they don’t get done for me. I asked for a new Teal debit card the other week and I got one within 36 hours. My Amex payments run flawlessly through Starling Bank and I really do love the instant notifications on spending. My Wife also now has a Starling account and she likes it too.


Care to expand on this?


I did actually expand on that in the Amex thread, but seeing as you ask, I set up my Amex credit card payment through Starling Bank. When I pay my Amex statement, I just put in the amount and press pay and it’s instantaneous, both from Starling and account payment with Amex. The notifications of payment are just a second apart. That for me is ‘flawless’. Not sure how I can expand on that any further?..

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Credit where it’s due - when I asked for a Teal debit card so I could do Post Office deposits, I had mine in about 36 hours after requesting as well. Can’t fault that at all. Still prefer the old colour (and embossed) card, but that’s purely a personal preference, not a service issue at all.

The most frustrating thing with Starling over the last six months has been the continued lack of updates to merchant images and information - I used to send them a tonne of updates (name and location as well as images), all of which were/are ignored. Monzo in comparison remains pretty good on this. It might take a week or so, but they get done. I’ve had Starling still fail to update stuff I submitted to them six months ago, so it’s not even a backlog issue.

The first time I used my Starling card abroad (Turkey, 2017) it let me down constantly, as only one of the two major card processing platforms in Turkey recognised it (the other declined/failed every transaction). Monzo worked fine on both. However, since then I’ve found both cards to be equally reliable abroad, and Starling’s more generous limits make it my preferred option for travelling if I’m away for more than a day or so.


Fair enough

Thought it was a deeper intergration…


Yeah, the Teal card. I actually like it, moreso than the original purple embossed card. Every embossed card I’ve had, the numbers just get harder to read once the top rubs off. The new card I like very much.

What made me jump up and down though was, my original purple card got damaged, so I contacted customer services and I asked for a replacement card. Their answer was to report it as ‘lost or stolen’ and a new card would be sent out. I wasn’t at all happy with that, as the connotation of ‘lost or stolen’ makes it look like I’ve been foolish or careless when in fact all that happened was the card split. And so a few days later I requested a Teal card and they sent me one without any further question. Anyway, as I say, the new card is better for me as I can actually read the long number on the back better than the embossed number that was previously on the old card.


Yeah, not sure I completely understand what you mean by ‘deeper integration’? How would you improve an instantaneous payment system, which is all I’m interested in? I’m not being obtuse, I’m genuinely interested. If I need anything else, I just refer to the Amex App and my British Airways App.


The sort of intergration that Monzo currently has on staff testing

Balances within the app, maybe someday the ability to automatically ringfence future Amex payments

Who knows :man_shrugging:


Ok, got you. I see that might have advantages for some, but for me, the Amex App launches instantaneously and is all I need for balances/statements etc so I couldn’t personally see the point of integrating anything Amex related into the banking App itself. Personally, I wouldn’t want my bank having visibility of my Amex Credit Card balance in App. That’s just a personal view though.

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You make a very good point about the paint on the embossed numbers wearing off. My purple card was heading that way and my Nationwide Flexaccount debit card (it’s a good few years old and it’s from the period where Nationwide was still issuing cards with 5-year lifespans) has completely lost the silver from all its embossing - everything is now the same blue as the card and is almost impossible to read. My Monzo card is in the early stages of going the same way. As is, weirdly, my Wells Fargo corporate credit card, that I’ve only had for a month?

I’ve stopped carrying most of my plastic, and use Curve now as the primary physical card (and then reallocate payments later in-app using the back-in-time feature). Embossed numbers are standing up quite well on that so far. The wallet currently contains Curve, Monzo, Metro Bank, Wells Fargo. Metro Bank is coming out tonight and the teal Starling card is going back in for March.

I’ve not yet taken the plunge on any of the “metal” cards being offered by some of the challenger banks, but I’m assuming they have flat number printing on the back like the teal Starling card? Will be interesting to see how well they last, as I can see the print not adhering to the metal as well as it does to plastic.


At the end of the day, number embossed cards are a 20th Century hangover from when they were placed in the old slide machines to record carbon receipts. I’m amazed they’re still being produced this way. I have a Virgin credit card which is similar in style to my Starling Bank card, just not in portrait format.

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Well here’s the thing - old-school click-clack slide machines are still a thing (though used literally once in a blue moon in the UK, much more so in the US). Yes, I know, it’s a very strange thing to say in 2019. However, I speak from first-hand experience when I say that most large outlets such as supermarkets, department stores, hotels etc. in the UK will still have them on hand for emergencies such as use during power cuts etc. It would be one of the rare occasions when the new Starling card (and any of the Metal cards) would be unusable. Not a strong reason at all to retain embossing, but it is the main reason that most other card issuers do.


For those “once in a blue moon” occasions, I’m sure the merchant could write the numbers on the slip :wink:

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Just saw this new Ulster Bank note and it made me think of the Starling card.
Looks like notes are following the vertical design trend now too. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Didn’t you get one in the presentation card?

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Haha, no. I got it from the tills at work.
How much was the presentation card? I’ve built up a bit of a collection of cool coins and added these new notes to it.
Have you seen the new Bank Of Ireland £5 and £10 notes? Danske Bank have released new notes too. It looks like Canadian money.

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Think it’s free if you go into the bank. Was an old woman at the bus station who surprisingly wasn’t bothered by me asking to take a photo of her money :joy:

Didn’t know BOI had new notes, I’ll be in the look out


Nearby payments - Used this for the first time with my Wife who has very recently opened a Starling account. Brilliant! Did a transfer to her account in an instant, no setting up payment account details or anything, just a quick transfer with zero hassle. :ok_hand:

Anyone else used this method of transfer?..

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From your Starling account to hers?


I use it all the time with the family. Especially my kids who are too lazy and ‘haven’t got time’ to set up payment instructions. Works a treat :clap: