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You did - You posted a big old comment on here a few days ago.

I’ve just read that Starling also closed your account - Sorry things aren’t working out.

Perhaps try Revolut, or one of the high street banks if you need one.

Good luck with it :ok_hand:

(Omar) #1292

No I didn’t, would you care to send me a screenshot please?


No, no I wouldn’t because I don’t have the time to trawl through a forum to prove a point.

I feel I can see where this is going to end up so… Good luck :+1:

Edit - FWIW, I just found your post and it looks like you were referencing Revolut in your comment which I hadn’t picked up on originally!

Apologies for the lack of understanding on my behalf.

(Omar) #1294

Yeah it going to the FCA, ombudsmen and prudential authority, because I literally just started posting last night for the first time, you said a few days ago.


We are well off topic, so good luck with everything.

Back to Starling.

Transfer from Euro account went through really smoothly! :grin:


It’s made bunq and Revolut redundant for me in one fell swoop. Not a bad achievement!
Where’s the money angle for starling though?


Starling generate revenue from their platform framework, so they can offer other features for free where competitors need to charge.

It also gives them a foot in the door of Europe, and possibly opens the door to better integrated expansion.

Pure guesses of course, but they’ve done a great job with it so far.

(Marcel Ruhf) #1298

Don’t they also add a little commission to the exchange rate? Someone posted that Revolut was still cheaper during weekdays.

(Simon) #1299

Didn’t think starling added fees / commission.
Don’t they just use the mastercard exchange rate same as monzo?
Revolut add a % at weekends

(Dan Mullen) #1300

My understanding is that there is a small commission charge when sending foreign currency to a third party from your GBP account but transferring between your GBP and EUR accounts is commission-free.

(Marcel Ruhf) #1301

Yeah, but I wasn’t referring to card transactions, but rather to internal transfers from the GBP account to the EUR account - which is apparently free as well. Where Revolut is cheaper though is when it comes to international transfers, for which they don’t charge.

(Nathan) #1302

Would be lovely if someone who has both could confirm this?

**Possible even provide screenshots :eyes:


Ask and ye shall receive.

(Nathan) #1304

Top man @nickh :clap:

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We’ll remove some of the off-topic posts and reopen in a few hours. Thanks!

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