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This account is currently available to customers who joined our waitlist, which is now closed.

Really? I joined waitlist months ago and I have no option to open Euro account. Misleading


I have not received an email, but the option to open an account has appeared at some point since yesterday.

Slow rollout, I suppose

(Michael) #1273

I got the email just now, but not going to wade through the mountain of legalese just yet

They did use my old email address (still working, but not the one they now hold) so did work through the old queue, but not clear why some people signed up two days ago and got it a day earlier!


I’ve just got the email and signed up too. Extremely simple and easy, they’ve done a good job. Also starlings already stellar payee management shines through as transfers are also very simple.


I don’t see any limit from Starling to the amount you can convert, so much better than Revolut for sums over 5k a month, it seems


And I’m in! :raised_hands:

Super smooth onboarding and looks just like the GBP account. Now i suppose I should put some money in it. And book that trip to mainland Europe to shut my old account…

(Dan Mullen) #1277

First thing I did was set up a coin jar with round-up :smiley:


Good call. Gotta be done!

Also, IBANs are impenetrable blocks of text, aren’t they?


Aha yea I’ve always thought it’s not the most convenient of things. Glad we have our ‘simple’ sort code and account numbers. Speaking of which I’m still curious whether Starling will end up using their 04-00-40 sort code for consumers and move off what is seemingly NatWest’s system.

(Marcel Ruhf) #1280

From what I’ve seen, 60-83-71 is Starling’s sort code, they are just using NatWest as a correspondent bank for SWIFT payments, similar to what Monzo now has, as per the latest updates (for payments from within the EU at least).

It’s the same sort of agreement Nationwide has with Barclays for example (international transfers sent to Nationwide are first routed through Barclays).

(Tony) #1281

Email from Starling today, downloaded app update, opened € account and mafe a transfer to it all within 5 minutes. Very smooth operation.


They are being a bit funny about opening the Euro account up to everyone though.

“within a few weeks”…

(Dan Mullen) #1283

Just opening it up to the people on the waitlist first, which is fair enough. They can then respond to any feedback before a wider launch.


Sure, but then why write their update like this? Until the last line, it sounds like it’s been rolled out to everyone to me


The app is a lot quicker to start now on iOS too.

(Katrina) #1286

Revolut is cheaper if you convert on weekdays. You can top up the Euro account with a Mastercard and get Mastercard rates at the weekend.

(Omar) #1287

You started by stating, this was personal experience, wanting to leave, because CS was poor, which was shortly followed by complaining about not being able to come back, for something like 12 months. Your conclusion was a cracker because you said : personal view…my bank has done nothing wrong.


(MikeF) #1288

I think you misread that last bit.


Not sure how dragging up a comment from over a year ago is particularly helpful in a fast moving environment like this.

Given your Monzo account has been frozen, perhaps you could give Starling a try?

(Omar) #1290

Yeah I missed that it was created over a year ago, however…who told you my Monzo account is or was frozen?