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Also a valid point I forgot to mention.

When spending on the Starling Euro account, you do the conversation at the start of your holiday - Say, £1000 = €1100

You then spend in € and don’t worry about when the transaction finally settles in 2-3 days time, or any sudden fluctuations of currency (Brexit related or not).

I should think this would be relatively minor for a family holiday in Europe - But for those who like to budget, and want to know exactly what they are spending, it’s a good way to go.

Obviously the currency fluctuations can also work in your favour, so it’s not always best to convert beforehand - But if it was me, I’d probably do so for sheer peace of mind (especially as it won’t vary much over the course of a week).

(Splodf) #1252

I thought the same thing, I was certain I’d received an email. Turns out I’d just read the email here!


(Marcel Ruhf) #1253

Will it though? I always thought that the DCC prompts are generated based on the card’s country of origin (Starling’s card will surely still show up as being issued in the UK, even after the Euro account launch).


Well… you are asking the wrong person there…

I’ll put myself back on the noob shelf until Starling actually release the card :joy:

(Valeri) #1255

Btw you get any interest on the amount held there similarly to the GBP account?

(Jake) #1256

No interest on it.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1257

Nice. Signed up to the “I’m interested” list on the Starling website yesterday, opened the app just now on the train, and a couple of clicks later I had a euro account.

(Michael) #1258

Are you on iOS? I signed up months ago and no email or option for Android

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1259

Yes, on iOS. Version 0.75.0

(Michael) #1260

Android poor relations again!

Might also have been long enough ago that my previous email address no longer matches the current one - maybe they’ve decided I’m no longer a customer when they cross checked

(Michael) #1261

Might as well have not bothered registering months ago if a different phone is all you need, which does feel a bit how Starling are at times


Are you on Android or iOS?

(Same question to you, @nickh!)


iOS for me.

It’s also live on Android though.


No option on my Android phone. Will check later on an iOS device…


I’m on Android and got my email at 1335hrs this afternoon. Took less than 2 minutes to set up my Euro account and it’s up and running

(Intra) #1266

With the greatest of respect to you sir, I have never had a problem with my Starling account! So I believe
That forwardthinking and quick implementation is a good thing.


So i had a go on iOS just to check, but without that email there’s nothing giving.

But it did make me think two things though:

  1. The Starling iOS app is SOOOO very slow to start. Nearly 10 seconds to get past the splash screen.
  2. But conversely the iOS app is so much nicer than the Android one. Which looks clunky and half baked in comparison.


Really slow on iPhone 7… but pretty fast on iPhone X … huge difference
Signed for Euro account months ago - nothing :frowning:
Maybe because Starling is not my main account?


Maybe they’re doing analytics on usage, but that seems kinda heavy. They’re probably just taking random chunks from the sign-up list.


It’s rolling out to all customers “within the next few weeks”, so I don’t think they’re exactly in a hurry to get accounts open right now.

I don’t know of any comparable account for UK customers, so I think they’re wise to take this slowly.

Once there’s a Euro debit card attached, however they do that, it could get wildly popular, if they stick to the no-fees approach… They were already hit by this once with promotion as a travel card on MSE