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(Simon B) #1231

A big step! Well done to the Starling team, I’m sure a lot of people must have been working hard on this for a while.


I think it’s around 30% salaried accounts, so more like 420,000.


Thanks for information! I use Monzo account as my main account… so all my income with Monzo.
I have Starling account as well.
Both Monzo and Starling have their own +/-


I apologise for any misunderstanding in my prior post. I didn’t mean it to sound overly negative and could have worded it a lot differently so apologies. Of course this is a huge step and a lot of people will have worked hard on this. I do think though the fact that you need to have a Starling Personal Account to get a Euro account is a drawback.

Also, all I meant is that they have less than 500,000 users in the UK, so at present, how high will the demand be after the initial waiting list?

I totally get that customer numbers have nothing to do with features, but when you don’t even have a huge footing in your country of origin and then looking at international expansion isn’t something that I personally understand but then again I don’t work in the banking sector and Starling will make the decision that is right for them on then path they want to pursue.

It is different with Monzo, Monzo doesn’t have to solely rely on extensive in your face adveritising. It has loyalty and word of mouth as a testament to the fantastic service that is given to every single customer here.

I apologise and don’t want to offend or anger anybody and this is only my personal view.


Really looking forward to euro accounts. One paragraph in the press release particularly caught my eye, though:

Euro Account holders will initially be able to hold, send and receive payments in euros. Later this year, Starling personal account debit cards will be enabled to work with the Euro Account.

That sounds to me like there won’t be multiple cards, but there will be one debit card that works for the euro and sterling accounts. I wonder if you’ll need to switch it in app (like Curve) or if it’s more intelligent somehow?

(Nathan) #1236

Its a differentiating feature that will have its market…

I’ve seen some people on this forum who have mentioned getting their salary in euros so this is good for them.

I’ve also seen people here mention they’d love to be able to take their holiday spending from a pot. This account will work for those people if they’re holidaying in Europe.

Great progress and I look forward to seeing how they build on it :slight_smile:


For those using starling have they had any more issues with transactions going through? I remember in the early days Monzo and Starling having issues due to their payments processor (?) and Monzo moving in house and Starling sticking with then outsourced firm.

Just curious


I’ve been with Starling for about 8 months now. Never had a problem with any payments (including when on travels).

(Dan Mullen) #1239

I can echo what @Ardvarky said. Been with Starling about 15 months and never had a payment issue, apart from a couple of reversals caused by a problem at the merchant’s end.

(Stefano) #1240

No problems for me either, I also have my salary paid into Starling without any issues.


GPS were/are the payment processor, but like the others have said, there doesn’t seem to have been any issues with them of late.

I think the last issue was one that unfortunately I was caught up in (around March/April last year).

(Ashley) #1242

There is certainly “Starling Valley’ in Northwestern Hertfordshire!!


Just opened a Euro account and it was very seamless.

The switching between accounts is also very well implemented - Something I’d love to see for Monzo with their personal and joint accounts.


How did you do it? Did they send you an email or was the option just in the app?


They sent through an email initially which contained a link to open the app.

From there it was a piece of cake.

The rate is also the exact same as Revolut, so I now have zero need for them (thank god).

I need to send a Euro payment this week, so the timing is perfect!



Now… Where’s my email? I signed up months ago!

(Nathan) #1247

Sorry for being a noob here but I have never held a multiwallet/revolut account.

Can you break down the fees?
Would this be cheaper to use on a holiday in the EU than using your base account (Starling/Monzo) and taking the mastercard conversion on each transaction?


Good question. Nick? R-


Ha, noob away! I’m not sure I’m really off the “noob” shelf yet :joy:

When abroad, in terms of spending on card, I’ll still use Monzo/Starling as normal (although it looks like the Starling Euro account will bypass the DCC prompts which might make you feel more comfortable).

But for sending bank transfers in Euros, previously Revolut was the cheapest, followed by Starling and then Monzo was last.

Now though, you can send Euro bank transfers using Starling, and the rate is the same as Revolut (hence there is no need for me to use Revolut unless I was doing some other currency).

(Sendu Bala) #1250

As nickh says, most people would probably just use the base account normally. But in theory you can protect yourself against currency fluctuations: get euros when the rate is low, sometime before your holiday, then spend those on holiday with no further fees.

I think that’s something the Starling euro account will let you do?