Starling Discussion & Feedback

(Dan Mullen) #1211

Actually, I wonder if there was something written about someone/some bank that could potentially lead to problems, e.g. maybe scupper a commercial arrangement the bank are working on? All speculation at this point.

(Nathan) #1212

Seems starling have struck a deal with 3 for some advertisement in their deals app Wuntu


Interesting - the url didn’t come through formatted for me on the sms


Just had an email through from wuntu as well

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1215

So pleased I’ve never caved into Three’s increasingly desperate pleas to sign up to Wuntu. Seems to just be another channel to spam me with adverts.

(Dan Mullen) #1216

I’ve had countless free hot drinks and snacks, plus a lot of Domino’s :pizza: on a Monday for £3 :grinning:

It’s actually not a bad scheme.

(Nathan) #1217

Yeah i got it strictly for the cheap dominos also, used to be a free 7" every now and again and now its a £3 9" :laughing: :pizza:

(Stefano) #1218

Is the euro account finally launching soon?

(Valeri) #1219

They removed the gluten-free base as an option from the deal… :broken_heart:

(Not a 3 user, but my partner is)


No tweet from the back itself though…

(Stefano) #1221


Teaser for the latest update

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #1223

Just updated the app. Interesting…


I find it very striking how they seem so set on launching euro accounts so soon. They have less than 500,000 users so how high realistically is the sign up rate going to be for this? All of the talk of launching in other countries seems very quick too. Outside of London and the fintech bubble, how many everyday people know of Starling?

Surely it’d be fair better to focus on actually getting your UK account right first, and establishing a footing here.

It’s just me but I much prefer Monzo’s approach of actually getting everything right and making sure customers are happy first with all aspects of the service.


What is Starling doing wrong? You say it like they keep launching products that don’t work. Monzo launched with free foreign withdrawals and realised it got that wrong and had to backtrack. Whay exactly is Monzo getting right that Starling isn’t?


Without going down the rabbit hole that is Monzo and Starling - By their own definition, Monzo do the complete opposite of what you’ve stated.

Their MVP approach (minimum viable product) is designed to get the bare minimum out to satisfy those early adopters of things (and maybe others who don’t care too much).

Customer numbers quite frankly have nothing to do with features - Should Starling and Monzo shut up shop until they reach 15 million customers?

It’s great the Euro accounts are (finally) coming to Starling! I for one look forward to trying it out.

Although the exchange rate is still slightly behind Revolut, but not massively.


Whose rate are they using and how do we find it? Or are they using the in app transfer thing through the local partner to send money between GBP/EUR accounts


How many real/active/salaried accounts they have?
Monzo opened more than million accounts and what? How many salaried accounts Monzo have 250000?
I think this is a huge step forward for Starling and for their customers…

(Michael) #1229

Well done to Starling

I moved my account over to Monzo at the time of the great community meltdown, but kept it open and kept a close watch

I have been on the waitlist for this new account type and will certainly give thought to getting it dependent on the actual details

(Michael) #1230

Obviously come to iOS first. Android updated last week with hints of a big feature to come soon. Dur dur durrr