Starling Discussion & Feedback

(Michael) #1066

Is your card purple or teal?

(Jemima) #1067

It’s Teal @MichaelMayes

(Ashley) #1068

Ive never had any problems in ATMs with the Starling card, I did with the Monzo card though in the early days.

(Jemima) #1069

Thanks @luxurytravelled maybe I just need to keep trying a few more ATMs? I could just have been unlucky with my choices!
But it would have been nice to know upfront that not all ATMs work with the Starling card (ie you can’t check your balance or withdraw cash when you need it :sleepy:)
Luckily I’ve had no issues with my Monzo card at all :+1::grin:

(Ashley) #1070

Thats true, however given they are both digital banks with real-time balances available on my phone, I have never felt the need to check a balance in an ATM.

(Jemima) #1071

That’s a fair point @luxurytravelled (about checking your balance) but it was very scary the first time I used my Starling card to try & withdraw money & it told me my balance is was £0.00 (it wasn’t!) & it wouldn’t let me withdraw any money, when there was money in my account. It would be nice if Starling maybe mentioned this upfront so you don’t think you’ve been robbed the first time you go to an (incompatible) ATM :joy:

(MikeF) #1072

As with Monzo, the Starling card will work at any ATM with the Mastercard logo on it.

( #1073

Which are these incompatible ATMs? Aside from the small percentage of LINK only machines (which i understood wouldn’t work for Monzo either) I don’t know any that won’t work.

(Jemima) #1074 my (teal) Starling card doesn’t work in the Post Office ATM & Starling chat told me that it should. Then I tried a Cash Zone ATM and that didn’t work either. But eventually I found one that would dispense my cash (must have not been a LINK), however it still told me my available balance was £0.00 which is incorrect/an error.
Thanks for the tip re LINK ATMs & my Monzo card :+1:

(Jemima) #1075

Thanks @Feathers maybe I have a faulty card… In the Post Office ATM, I got an error saying my card was faulty & was being returned to me, but when I contacted Starling customer services, they said to go and try a few more ATM machines.

( #1076

Very odd, i’ve used various BoI Post Office ATMs and Cashzones no problems. I would imagine it would either be as I said that those machines weren’t connected to the Mastercard network for some reason, or were faulty, or perhaps the card. But what do i know? Very little generally. :see_no_evil::joy:

(Dan Mullen) #1077

Definitely sounds like a problem with your card. As @Feathers said above, it’s a Debit MasterCard and should work in all the same machines as your Monzo card. Contact Customer Services.


I’ve had the Post Office ATM (Bank of Ireland) work with the Monzo MasterCard Debit for years but once it did say that my Monzo card was faulty and Monzo just replaced it and I’ve not had an issue since.

I say, order a new card with Starling. If they don’t want to replace it, report it lost (don’t tell them it was when you cut it up and threw it away!).

(Jemima) #1079

Thank you @Chapuys, I’ll order a new card from Starling :wink: thanks also for all your help & advice - @danmullen, @Feathers,, @MichaelMayes & @luxurytravelled :+1: much appreciated.


The Post Office have 3 different types of ATM’s, no Starling card words with the purely Link Based ATM’s in some older Post Offices.

A new card won’t change that. However if its a Post Office branded ATM a card change may help, as the chip is slightly different, and Post Office ATM’s connect to the Post Office network.

(Jemima) #1081

Great! Thanks @daedal that’s really good to know :grin:


I may have to put some money in my starling account as I’ve just got…


(MikeF) #1083

I found a Santander credit card better for that. No need to effectively top-up in order to use it.


I cancelled mine, may need to reapply!

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1085

New blog from the CEO.

Of note, euro accounts for British customers coming soon, apparently.

What about credit cards?