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Looks like GPS issues again:

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Definitely looking forward to this. Currently using FreeAgent and while it’s decent it still lacks the concept of a pending transaction which means it takes days before a card transaction actually shows up on there. Coconut is also doing this but I’ve passed due to them not being a bank (lack of FSCS protection), lack of Apple Pay and slow Faster Payments. Starling has all those aspects covered already so it would be a very welcome addition. The only downside is that I’d feel bad for dumping my accounting firm who currently provide my FreeAgent license.

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In the meantime there’s Jaja if you want a modern credit card. It’s pretty basic when it comes to transaction enrichment (Monzo is the gold standard here, Starling is somewhere in the middle, but Jaja’s is basically non-existent) but at least it’s real-time and feels like there’s modern tech behind it instead of rust.

Sorry, late reply.

I value having the choice and not having to dispute them could be easier.

Slow replying here, but you may be on to something with the hole punch idea! :grinning:

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