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:eyes: Any clues to what this work is? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a general revision of the chip profile to improve compatibility, security, and satisfy new requirements. We’re adding a new card manufacturer to our pool and that requires a round of certification of the new cards so we’re taking the opportunity to update the chip settings too.

Sorry it’s not too exciting. :wink:


I’d count that as exciting! :wink:


This sounds exciting!

Not when the chip profile is generated in an Excel spreadsheet :stuck_out_tongue:


They also don’t require full access to your contacts for features to work properly.

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Is it just which requires access to contacts (seemingly) unnecessarily?

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Shared tabs and opening a joint account are the first two that spring to mind.
Basically, Monzo seems to have full contact access built in. Less than desirable for the consumer, in my opinion.


Starling have launched integration with Onedox


Wow i thought onedox was on the out… guess not.

Really like the idea lets see how it goes, could be a real coup here for Starling and Monzo seems to be playing serious catchup now.

Main question will be what is harder to catchup on… tech (Monzo) or customer numbers (Starling)?


It doesn’t give you much info in the Starling app, but it does let you launch the onedox app directly!

Now that is a good question, but I think on balance I would prefer more customers as there are not many suggestions (certainly not from me) that Monzo do not have the expertise to match in the cases they want to

Interesting move by Starling. No surprise that bill switching is big part of Monzo’s market place value prop. Do you think Monzo will integrate with the likes of Onedox to provide this, or will they build they own bill switching capability?

I’m happy to say that after a year of starling as my main account, I have switched to Monzo. I like starling, but saying I’d be banned for a year from starling if I switched was ultimately what made me leave. I’m not a fan of being held to ransom by my bank.


Not exactly held to ransom, you left


Good news is that Monzo have built their contact access with privacy in mind, so your data isn’t exposed (even to Monzo). :tada:

I’m not sure why you keep complaining about the contacts access, and not acknowledging it’s done in a way that is secure and doesn’t expose the person’s data? It’s not like this hasn’t come up before when you’ve raised the issue (click the :arrow_down_small: to see the full quote). :wink:


I’m personally less keen on it because it shouldn’t be a requirement to enable contact access for something like, which is just a web link.

I also don’t want/need all my random contacts showing up in Monzo, mostly its stuff like ‘Dave the Electrician’ or ‘that guy I worked with for 3 days a year ago’.


It’s not true that it doesn’t expose some data about you.

It tells people with your number and an account that you have a Monzo account and lets you find out if any of your contacts (or in fact anyone whose phone number you have obtained) has an account.

That’s not terrible, but the fact it’s really unnecessary makes it problematic.

Previous discussions have not convinced me in particular that full contacts access is necessary.


This is the most bizarre piece of logic :joy:


If there’s a reason for leaving then fine. But it says that was what ultimately made him leave. It’s like Inception :rofl:

Seriously, you can use any bank you like, you can leave accounts dormant, you can switch… plenty of options. A policy of having a 12-month waiting period before you can open an account after closing one seems sensible. Why would anyone want to close, open, close, open, etc. accounts with the same bank? It costs nothing to leave it dormant. If you don’t want to leave it dormant and definitely want it closed, then what harm does it do you to have the 12-month policy in place? Odd :thinking: