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The Post Office have 3 different types of ATM’s, no Starling card words with the purely Link Based ATM’s in some older Post Offices.

A new card won’t change that. However if its a Post Office branded ATM a card change may help, as the chip is slightly different, and Post Office ATM’s connect to the Post Office network.

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Great! Thanks @daedal that’s really good to know :grin:


I may have to put some money in my starling account as I’ve just got…


(MikeF) #1083

I found a Santander credit card better for that. No need to effectively top-up in order to use it.


I cancelled mine, may need to reapply!

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New blog from the CEO.

Of note, euro accounts for British customers coming soon, apparently.

What about credit cards?
(Jolin) #1086

The following sentence in that blog reads like Anne is lying about Monzo to try and score points:

Nor do we impose a £200 a month cap on free overseas card transactions or ATM withdrawals like some other neo banks.

I’d have no argument if it was just about ATM withdrawals, but there is no cap on overseas card transactions with Monzo. Poor show.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1087

I didn’t pick up on that, to be honest. Are there any fintechs which do limit free card payments?

To be frank, I thought the optimistic tone of the blogpost got a little too hung up and ranty about bank charges in general towards the end. I was also surprised at the (what I think is) low customer numbers; just 400,000. It’s respectable, but would have expected it to be hitting the million sooner than it will.

In all, I enjoy the different path Starling is taking, and still have over a grand in Goals in the app, ready to be spent.

(Jack) #1088

What stood out most to me is there interest to launch a credit card in 2019.

I think Tom still has a valid point when it comes to credit cards though.

(Jolin) #1089

Yes, that was the most interesting product in the post to me, too. I look forward to seeing the details. A credit card with instant notifications, etc., would be very useful when travelling.

(Ben) #1090

Major difference I can see between the two Monzo are trying make a difference to the unbanked. Starling credit check you to open an account and Monzo only do so only if you apply for credit e.g overdraft.

I owe alot to Monzo given me a chance and im starting to change the way I mange my finances.

The OBE Tom has recieved is well deserved.


I don’t know how these posts are written, but I do feel some light editing would go a long way…

I think it came as a surprise to some that Starling is not all that bothered about customer numbers since they dove into banking as a service. BaaS might also explain how they’re able to finance their services.

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Plus the partnership MasterCard struck with them (giving MasterXard access to UK payment systems via Starling).

(Jack) #1093

If not already I reckon that will be their main product within the business. Once they start offering credit cards on the Starling brand I reckon they will also be avalbile as part of their banking as a service platform.

To me although a great product the Starling consumer and business banking side is mostly a showcase for other businesses as to what their platform can achieve.


tbh I’d only be interested in a credit card from Starling/Monzo if it offered perks/points/cashback.

The ‘budgeting’ facilities and expense tracking stuff that both banks offer isn’t really that much interest to me as most of my discretionary spending goes on a credit card - which is then paid off at the end of the month.

I do this to get the cashback, and I track all my expenses across all accounts externally using my own system.

So if Starling/Monzo did come with a CC, the only benefit it would bring me would be one less account to log in to to extract my transactions from.


You’ve got to admire the approach


Seems like Anne is the Trump of banking :slight_smile:

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I would argue Anne is the opposite of anything Trump.


Not disruptive enough?! :wink:

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Indeed. I only mentioned it because Anne did.