Starling Bank Discussion: Part 2

I don’t! I never see any Chase or RBS cards. Monzo is the only one I ever notice. And NatWest.


Never seen a chase in the wild, though I have to say they are killing it at the moment

Does anyone use Chase as their main account?


Can’t remember the answer, does Chase show upcoming inbound payments in the app? Or just debits?

I don’t remember. My income goes into Barclays still.


Used Starling as my primary account for many years now and very happy.

I’m not sure what innovation others are looking for. I’ve found it super reliable and offers all the features I need with no charge. Particularly boring things like web access, iPad app, paying in money at the post office, cheque imaging…

I still use other accounts too. But Starling is where my pay goes first before it’s filtered everywhere else.


Incoming too.


Might be that we’re not seeing the cards in the wild as a high proportion of people are paying with a/gpay. I reckon that the people doing that would be proportionately higher for fintech than legacy banks too. I know I’ve not used cards in the UK since before COVID i.e. four years or more.


Lloyds is the card I’ve seen the most, followed by NatWest. I only see Monzo or Starling occasionally.

I moved back to Starling recently and have been very happy. I feel they’re a steady pair of hands.

I did have a chase account but had lots of issues but I didn’t really like the UI/UX much. Although foolishly I closed it, as I was told I could rejoin after 12 months.

I know Starling isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and they’re are probably overdue for a bit of app updating. Hopefully that will come along soon but without being too busy like Monzo sadly has become.


I see the two things being linked now though.

They’ve built Engine and they now sold it to 2 other international banks. So, any development in Starling will now probably be based on the requirements of the other banks as well as their own product roadmap.

So, if the Romanian or Australian banks decide that they do want a credit card, or a specific savings accounts (instead of just spaces) then Starling will get on with delivering it.

It makes sense though that while they’re onboarding those banks that they keep the central Engine platform stable and don’t add any major new products.


I mean this is the thing with Fintechs, you can only build so far before the features you add are niche and the majority don’t care. I assume this is why Monzo is working on borrowing and paid plans the most recently

If you focus on the current account your bound to stagnate and hit a wall, pretty much waiting for highsteet banks to catch up

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It definitely does not. Normally when I’m behind someone in a queue I’m either wishing they would hurry up or I’m looking at their arse.

And when I’m in the Co-op I’m waving my arm about because there is a terrible signal and I can’t get the app to load.


I think they’d be calling the guys in white coats to take you away if you did that here :rofl:

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What? I’m in your Co-op!

Just saw a Starling Kite ad on TV for the first time, new?

I saw one last week or the week before for the first time

Be nice to see anyone other than NatWest steal the light.

Revolut usually prompt me in the inbox about <18.

Wish I could tell them I never intend to have kids, and Jax :black_cat: won’t ever need one :joy:


Is that the one with the kid washing her mums car to get’s paid £7 in the end? That’s been going around for a few months now (I think there’s 2 ads on rotation atm - that one and the one with a girl using a saving pot to get a deposit to move out of her parents place)


Kids moving out at 15? :eyes: