Starling Bank Discussion: Part 2

VCs aren’t available to joint accounts just FYI.

We use Starling for our JA. I’d like to use my personal account more but Pulse annoys me, you can’t exclude categories from the spending tab, only spaces (when I get VCs), transfers also mess things up as I don’t want it to tell me I’ve spent the transfer money, to exclude would be ideal.

Alas, I’m majority set up with Revolut.


Over the last few days I have 100% gone all in on Starling (CC with FD still). All joint spending comes from joint account and me and the Mrs use our personal accounts for our own “spends” and I am using the VC for subscriptions and petrol since it’s always me who fills the car up anyway.

Wish VC were supported on the joint account but now I am set up it’s not a huge deal.

Considering closing all my currently unused accounts. :grimacing:


Most of mine are gone. Those not reported can stay (Algbra, Zen, Chase, Plutus), and Revolut can stay obvs.

Got a Lloyds account open which I’ll probably use as a switcheroo next year, then Starling and Monzo.

Starling will hopefully pick up, have an app redesign, and add more in terms of categories and ability to amend/split etc, and incorporate a proper bill split function with others.

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I have Kroo, Chase, Revolut, Monzo, Zopa CC which are all unused so I might just go on a mass closing spree.

Starling is my main bank and FD is my CC, also have the current account with FD which I use to pay the CC. I don’t have any experience with splitting bills etc as it’s not a feature I use with any of my accounts past/present.


Me and other half tend to split a lot IE meals etc that fall outside of household bills etc.

Maybe easier to just spend it all from JA and add our share back in :upside_down_face: messes up personal spending though, again, transfers can’t be excluded though could be labelled as say take away.

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We aren’t that fussed about tracking the spending and the graphs etc so we usually just pay it into the joint account and put the reference as whatever, like “takeaway” then at least we know what it was for.

I did get into tracking stuff a while ago but didn’t find any specific bank worked exactly how i wanted so just sacked it all off. :rofl:


I will likely get to that point :joy: my mental state just continually refuses to settle on one and if Starling says I spent £300, but £200 was transfers, it bugs me.

Maybe when Starling savings comes I may consider again.

Also wish I could change the notification colour from purple to white :upside_down_face: not picky at all.

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Is it possible to set up a scheduled payment between my main Starling account and the “personal additional” Starling account I’ve just set up? I can’t seem to find a way to do this but it would seem a major omission if the intent is to encourage people to use the main account for salary, dd, etc, and the additional account for day to day spending.

No. You can’t do so to your own accounts (really annoying). You could send it out and back in again but it’s simple enough to tap payments, and then pay your other account.

Agree though, should be able to set up automatic transfers.

It is annoying but i’m at the point now where as long as my money is sorted into spaces/personal/joint account then I am happy. :sweat_smile:

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I wish I could switch off. :joy: Or just remove pulse all together I’d be fine with that.

I honestly don’t think I have ever looked at pulse apart from when I swipe away from it. :melting_face:

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Thanks. I’ll just work around it but it does seem an oversight rather than by design.

I have a similar dual account set up with Santander with a monthly standing order set up to my “daily spending account” which I am trying to replicate with Starling. I’m ready to move over my “Salary, DD account” as I’ve been using Starling as my daily spending account for over 2 years now and I’ve been very impressed…apart from Pulse!

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It has promise and given the changes being made slowly but surely to keep up with others, Starling is on a good path.

Santander I feel is another to keep my eye on, I do have an account there sat dormant. Can’t be bland forever :upside_down_face:

I’m half thinking of moving over my stuff from NatWest to Starling, but then I’d miss out on the monthly rewards with the account :eyes:

I’ll maybe wait and see what this savings product is when it comes out. At the moment the rewards I’m earning with NatWest will be going towards buying a new Chromebook next year when the one I’ve got expires.


unless im missing somthing, can you not just setup a standing order between the 2 starling accounts. i do this with perspmal and joint as they all have there own account number


So, quick update on VC - it appeared for me on my iPhone about an hour ago.

Strangely, it was showing up on my iPad yesterday though - but I thought that would be an account thing, not an app/device thing (if I setup a VC on my iPad, would it break my account if my iPhone couldn’t see it?)

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Wasn’t aware you could do this with JA, never tried as it’s my own account, whereas just tried with the additional account and tells me I can’t to my own account :upside_down_face:


I still have NatWest and Santander 123 Mini.

Some of my salary gets transferred to make payments from those and bank the rewards.

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