(Mark Woosey) #21

Quickly does some arithmetic.

Monzo are therefore acquiring between 3064 to 3571 (thousands) per day according to your numbers.

(Dan Mullen) #22

Ads for Starling shouldn’t worry you any more than ads for Barclays, HSBC and Nat West.

It would be cool if people saw Starling and Monzo more as the new kids on the block disrupting the banking industry, and less as two banks who are going after each other’s customers.


Eh, when Monzo start pushing ads I hope they’re a bit more interesting than the N26/Starling ones I’ve seen.

The starling ones feel like generic legacy bank ads. Who gets excited/interested/remembers about them?

The N26 ones I’ve seen on YouTube are so fast I wouldn’t even know what it was if I didn’t go on this forum everyday.

(Nathan Steer) #24

To be fair, I don’t recall ever seeing an ad for a legacy bank on my phone. I am, however, bombarded by Starling ads, seeing at least 5 every day across various apps.

This is actually annoying me more than making me want to sign up with them though :joy:

(Andy Hughes) #25

Monzo is the new Google? :grin:


Yes I can’t believe how many I have seen. About a month ago all I saw was Plum/Cleo ads but for the last week nearly every ad on every social media has been starling. Their media budget for this month must be big.

Good job Monzo has us to advertise for them

(Andrew Clark) #27

I noticed the other day that when you search for Monzo it’s N26’s ads that come up first.

(Stephen Brinda) #28

Don’t worry, FB ads are crap, I don’t know anyone clicks and joins a bank on FB.
Monzo never needed it before and look where they are now? Word of mouth is the world’s powerful marketing technique in the world.


(Morty) #29

Not sure how long this has been going on, but I’d suggest that it’s not a coincidence that you’re seeing a load more Starling ads in the week following Monzo announcing that they’ll be opening a £20m crowdfund.

(Is Santa here yet?) #30

I haven’t seen a single one


Looks ads are personalised… only Vodafone ads everywhere for me :smirk:

(Alexandru Tuta) #32

Interesting, I was thinking the same the other day, I think Starling is pushing to much with their ads. I find quite entertaining to see people saying that Revoult and N26 have millions of customers. Let’s face this, Monzo has 1.2 millions only in UK, Revolut has 3 millions in I think 5-6 countries, I think by numbers Monzo beats them all. As well by doing this crowdfunding Monzo got advertising for free. Every newspaper, TV station and radio in UK have done at least an article about this. Even The Times with their crappy article has helped Monzo.

(Tom Glass) #33

I have seen a wild Monzo advert in Teesside University Student Union. I got 3 mates signed up there and then and £5 in their pockets.

Much better than advertising in game to me

(Dan) #34

They’re actually in 32 countries :scream:. Needless to say Monzo are dominating the UK fintech market.

(Alexandru Tuta) #35

32 countries? You just made my point, that’s like, what, 100k in each country? So they have to take a lung run to be able to compete with Monzo :joy:

(Jack) #37

I see them all the time, currently got one showing on Instagram of some woman in a green living room saying how much she loves seeing what shes spent at each merchant.

(Robert Coenen) #38

Monzo is such a UK only product. Small market. Nobody in other countries is interested in Monzo.They’re interested in a euro account and N26 has that. So has Revolut.

(Nathan) #39

I would disagree with you on this. Being from Northern Ireland I have alot of friends who work and bank in the Republic of Ireland.

They are crying out for a “bank” like Monzo, Revolut just isnt a bank and still feels like a holiday card to them.

The space for Monzo is there its just working out how they can exploit it.

(Sacha Zarb) #40

I’ve never seen one, seen a lot of N26 stuff pushed to me, but not Starling, but I do have a Starling account (they can service my empty account to do cheap cash transactions twice a year) and I don’t think I’m in the demographic (41, live outside London by a couple of miles, but work in technology).

Anyway, is above the line advertising worth it? do you really get the ROI for 30 second ads on Capital, but no where else on the Global network.

(Caspar Aremi) #41

Putting out a million ads doesn’t make a company dominate the market, or well funded startups would constantly be upsetting the balance.