Starbucks NFC.....Pen? πŸ–‹

Do people regularly carry pens with them in Japan and therefore the benefit of being able to pay for your coffee with your pen is a selling point? I am genuinely confused.

@Rika? @amelia?


Maybe it’s easier to whip out a pen than a phone.

I always have a pen in my bag

But my bag has my purse, including my monzo card, in it as well

Pen ? Starbucks ? It’s a Starbucks payment penπŸ•ΊπŸ»


Absolutely brilliant :rofl:

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I’m always misplacing my pens, so I’d hate to own one of these :scream:

A contactless payment pen, incase your get asked for pin and forget, so have to sign. :wink:


Oh hey, it’s a FeliCa stored value card.

These are incredibly popular in Japan and I see these working really well. Not sure about the pen form factor but implementing the new Japanese FeliCa Starbucks Card into things like reusable cups makes a ton of sense to me.


I always carry a pen, but that one doesn’t look ergonomic. I’ve also lost some good pens :slightly_frowning_face:

I would never pay that price for a pen…