Standing orders to Joint Accounts

Have to manually enter joint account details to setup standing order and presented with scam warning message. This should be setup the same as move money feature, where you can easily move money between accounts in one off, instant transfers. We pay all bills from joint account and we have to fund from our personal ones. An even better feature would be being able to nominate a bills account, that automatically takes out what is needed to cover bills based on the monthly predictions.


Hi @Tnt4t & welcome :wave:

Set-up a Salary sort on each Personal account to ‘sort’ money (when an income of £100+ is received) from the Personal account(s) to your Joint account. This isn’t automatic, but easy to transfer in 3 taps (tap on incoming payment transaction, tap on sort, tap on confirm - if the values are still OK from previous sorts)

Then set-up a Bills pot in the Joint Account and assign all Direct Debits/Scheduled payments/Standing Orders to be paid from that pot.
Once the JA Bills pot is set-up, set-up a Salary sort in the Joint account to sort an amount to go to the JA Bills pott to cover the planned bills. Again, not automatic, but almost.

A few taps can almost-automate transfers from Personal Accounts to a Joint Account and also to fund a Bills pot to ringfence funds for bills. We do this and it works well. It probably could be more automated, but the ability to manually adjust on an income-by-income basis is advantageous.