Sta tornando a casa [Was "Is football coming home?"]

Is it actually?

  • Of course it is
  • Nah

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Gotta be positive.
Muller missing - things happen for a reason!

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I have to agree, Matt Hancock is coming home, to an empty house


A lot of England players have incredibly long socks. I can’t concentrate on the football since I’ve noticed that


If they aren’t monzo socks they aren’t worth looking at.


Did monzo do socks? I got some chip socks but never got any monzo swag….!

In the words of the Gov.
“I’m cautiously optimistic”

Seriously though, I do wish England luck. More than ever we need something to celebrate.


I chose ‘of course it is’ because that is the way of the England fan.

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Hold your wedding reception at Wembley on Wednesday evening and your guests will be able to sing, dance, and mingle to their hearts’ content :smiley:

dOes A mONzo sOcK LoOk lIkE A STarLing SoCK OR a MaGPIe SoCK

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Good luck from Scotland. :slight_smile:


Hopefully I’ll wake up in the morning to see they’ve crashed out, it’s always fun watching grown men cry over sport.


We had to correct someone at work who was based in Bulgaria who said good luck UK against Denmark, that we are England and the 90% of every other nation will be supporting Denmark , lol

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It’s coming home!


Good job England.

I’m barely a football fanatic but jeez, if Twitter is anything to go by there are some bloody miserable people out there.

Let people enjoy themselves, England have played well to get to the finals. Many of the same people being miserable complain when things that they enjoy are dismissed so why do this with football?

If you’re don’t like it, just turn off/don’t watch/mute.

Don’t comment on it. Stop being so angry with apparently everything.


During Euro 96 I was on a bus home and a young lad kept pointing at every flag outside the houses we passed shouting “I-GA-LUD”. He’ll be in his late 20s now. Wonder if he’s worked out there are only two syllables in the word yet? :slight_smile:

Football. Not my sport, don’t follow it and don’t understand it. But seriously I don’t understand the negativity. I really hope England win. I won’t be watching, I’ll keep track of the score by the air horns in the neighbourhood, but it would make millions of people happy (including people like me) and we could all do with something to make us smile right now.


This is Twitter in a nutshell unfortunately. Sometimes something really great will happen and then I make the stupid decision to see what Twitter thinks of the matter and my God, it’s remarkable how people can find a way to be vicious and argumentative over anything and everything. Some people accuse this forum of being ‘toxic’ at times, but if that’s the case then Twitter is a nuclear cesspool of scathing hatred. It’s really sad to see actually.

Anyway, bringing things back on topic I thought England really dominated this evening with respect to possession, but the finishing was consistently lacking. So many opportunities, yet so little to show for it. The penalty was dodgy to say the least, but so was Denmark’s free kick :man_shrugging: Italy are bloody good, and I think England will have to step things up a notch if they’re to succeed. Sunday will be nerve-racking to say the least! :crossed_fingers:🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


This made me laugh:


I’ll be more likely to actively watch football if the rumours of a bank holiday for it, are true!

Bring on a win, so I can get a day off …!

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