Square US rate increase

I have been meaning to post this for a while.

Square raised its rates from a fixed 2.75% to 2.6% + 10¢ which means merchants will pay more than before unless a tx is over ~$66

The US has widespread CC usage due to great perks and easy access to credit, but this does put a damper on getting merchants to take cards.

At lest there is an interchange fee cap for debit in the US, hopefully eventually credit.


Hopefully not as I’ve been using my US CC points to pay for my flights.

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Yeah, but it’s all funny money in the end. I loved my rewards, but it is just me paying for it in the end.

I’ve never set foot in the USA though so I’m not really sure of the situation there and what card acceptance is generally like.

:thinking: But you have a US CC?

I’d say it is pretty good, tho some smaller places are cash only. CC dominates tho over Debit.

Yup, but only for the rewards.

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