✨ Spring cleaning: making it easier to manage your account & see Pots payments

I 100% agree with everything you have said here, but I guess Monzo have done usability tests and this is the result.

The Manage tab looks to me to be a bit of a dumping ground at the moment and needs better organisation. Moving the blue buttons to the top of mamage tab might help with this as well as satisfying my love for them :slightly_smiling_face:


Good idea, this could probably also be done in a way which tweaks the use of space to fit things on a bit better. It just feels odd to me that the “top” of my feed is now halfway down the screen, and it’s jarring every time I open the app.

I am sure that how things fit together will be optimised in time, and I don’t disagree with the idea of the manage tab per se, so I’m confident it will all work out for the best in the end.

I only bring up these criticisms as an initial first impression from a long time user, so the reaction of new users may be different. I do like, as I said, that Monzo seem to at least be thinking about how to improve usability - which is good!


Judging from a few of the recent posts here, I’m guessing us Blue Button Buffs might not be much of a minority at all. Calls for a poll perhaps? @Peter_G :eyes:

Edit: fine, I’ll do it myself.

Which user interface element do you prefer?

  • Blue Buttons
  • Feed Tabs

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Just noticed something…

On the vote above :point_up: I voted. Then I clicked on ‘Show vote’, which took me back to the 2 vote choices and allowed me to change my vote. Mega-influence tackle here - have discourse polls always allowed such after-the-fact manipulation? Or is it how they are set up? I’m nowhere near qualified enough to know the ins & outs like a Poll Master is.


Sorry, was away from the Community! Happy to see you spreading the love of a good poll though.

The answer is yes!


It’s quite useful if you accidentally select the wrong option. I admit I’ve used it in the past!

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Sounds like a Curve feature :joy:

Go back in time and change your vote :+1:


I would have voted on a no preference option.

What I like about the recent change is we now have full transaction feeds for pots showing all transactions including interest payments, and I wouldn’t want that to revert back to the old approach.

As to how to get to get to the “manage” view, I don’t mind.


I had a laugh at this! :joy:


Yeah this for me also. I like the feed and its a more natural fir but feel like the manage section should remain separate

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Edit: We’re all done with this testing for now, thank you so much to the people who volunteered!

Hello! We’ve got an :sparkles:experimental:sparkles: flag that should improve your performance if you’re on iOS with the split drawers enabled, if you’re willing to be our guinea pigs I’d love to turn it on for you and get your feedback on how the app feels!

Disclaimer: we think that it may cause some intermittent crashes - I’ll be on hand to turn it off for you if you ever want to opt out and get your old app back.

If you’re happy to do so, please DM me the email you use to login to Monzo and I’ll get it set up for you! I’ll need it to find your user ID to enable the feature but after that will discard it.

@michaelw90, @MalaiseForever, @Paulw, @N26throwaway tagging you since you’ve all mentioned issues with performance on iOS


Awesome! I’ve sent over my email address.

Ive just sent you my details.

I don’t have ‘Feed’ and ‘ Manage’ tabs. I’ve enabled it in Labs but still nothing.

Force close the app and it should appear when you open it again


I’m really missing the synced notes between pot feeds and the main feed :slightly_frowning_face:. I hope this does come back :pray:


Pot Statements now showing in the ‘Manage’ tab of a pot (‘Statement history’ at the bottom of the Manage tab) , with options of all-time, monthly and also a custom date-range selector to choose from in terms of timeframes. Nice :+1:

Here’s an example of a fairly new pot:


Not showing yet on iOS

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Is this planned for when the feature comes out of labs? @mycl


My small feedback: I love the change! Great work. The feed/manage tabs do seem to take up a bit too much screen space though. There’s a lot of white space around the text that could be removed possibly.

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