Spotify IPO


Does anyone know UK banks that offer the ability to participate in the Spotify IPO?
Any thoughts on that? Who plans to chip in?



My understanding is that Spotify aren’t persuing a traditional IPO, they’re just listing the existing shares on the NYSE - so we can’t subscribe for shares.

We can trade existing shares when they float on Tuesday, although I’d be very cautious because without a benchmark set by underwriters you could be buying into a serious bubble if the small number of existing holders don’t offer up many shares for the huge number of potential buyers and the valuation becomes pie in the sky from the start.

I’ve never bought shares at an IPO as I don’t normally have any desire to invest in large companies. To me the IPO is the initial selling opportunity when all the shackles of being an unquoted company are removed and a valuation can be at its fattest. I don’t get how anyone could see any IPO as good value.

My feeling doesn’t stack up to scrutiny though as there have been loads of tech co’s float in recent history and go on to make multiple returns, but I would still find it very difficult to go near them as it’s not in my nature.

Will you be investing? If so what are the reasons to be long on Spotify?

If you do manage to dip your toes in when it floats then I wish you good luck. Do let us know how you get on.

(Richard Cook) #3

You should be able to ‘participate’ through any share dealing platform that lets you trade on the NYSE.

(I’m a former Spotify employee trying to sell some shares, so I’m trying to figure this all out too!)