Splitwise-type feature built in

(Clive Fitzsimons) #1

Splitwise is amazing when sorting out holidays spending or flat mate expenditures, it’s would be great if either you had your own, as powerful but built in feature in the app, or teams up with Sliptwise, and so that you can pay people directly from Splitwise, using Monzo.

Improved cost splitting with Monzo.Me
Keep track of monzo.me requests
(Clive Fitzsimons) #2

Maybe with the integration of the receipts capture, to help splitting bills. To work something like this:
Take a picture of receipt,
Highlight items on the itemised bill that belongs to a person,
Monzo adds up the items, and records the amount that person owes.
Each person with the app can join a holiday or flat share group, and add his or her receipts.
Monzo keeps track, and automatically tallies it all up.

(Valeri) #3

Or for example in a flat-sharing situation, it could be just so useful if you can just flag a transaction directly from the app and make it automatically sync to your predefined splitwise group.

Currently this is rather tedious manual labour - go through your bank account and manually copy the date and amount of each transaction you believe it needs to be split up, when it could be as simple as swipe for more, select splitwise logo, voila.

(Hugh) #4

Is this an extension of the split the bill functionality then?

(Clive Fitzsimons) #5

Split the bill is ok for one off bills, but compared to the resources available on Splitwise, it would be a major extension.

(Sam Duke) #6

Please don’t rebuild Splitwise Monzo - partner with them (or acquire??)! Their product is so awesome and the team seems to be great.


Me and my girlfriend both use Monzo and often use it to pay for bills, meals out and drinks. We then use Monzo.me to split the costs. However I feel this proces could be improved.
At the moment bills are not truly split, instead a request is sent to the other person for that amount. This transaction is not connected with the initial transaction.
At the moment the process looks like this;
-£10 Shopping
+£5 Monzo.Me split shopping
—total expenditure: £10 (when infact it should be £5)

Over the course of a month this distorts your spending drastically as Monzo doesn’t take into account bills that have been split.

After a bill has been split, the split amount is deducted from that transaction rather than it being in a seperate unrelated one. The user can then click that transaction and it will show a detailed view with all nested transactions within it.


Just to be clear, I posted this as a separate thread but it seems to have been merged even even though it is a different topic.

(Just incase anyone is wondering why my comment makes no no sense in this thread)

(Sam Duke) #9


And hence my request to partner with Splitwise - they have all this data already nicely organised with a great UI and product!


Another +1 for Splitwise.


Hopefully when the fix to Coin Jar happens this will follow. I think attributing multiple transactions to another is something that can’t happen at the moment and why Coin Jar transactions are annoyingly their own feed item. They are working on it though.

I imagine it will also allow for the grouping of multiple transactions at the same merchant too. For example, all seperate Wetherspoon transactions would group together if they were made in close succession.