Splitting transaction into multiple spending categories


Is there any plans for the ability to split a transaction between multiple categories to better reflect spending? For example, I bought a new top, some veg and some cleaning stuff at a supermarket recently but had to assign the transaction to just ‘shopping’ (that I use as clothing mostly) as the top was the most expensive item. But now my shopping summary is under the impression that I have spent more on clothes than I actually have, whilst my groceries category is blissfully unaware of my food and cleaning purchases.

Splitting transactions will definitely be a big step in helping me better manage my finances. I’ve used YNAB in the past and really want this feature to be implemented so badly by Monzo!

(Andy - Customer of Monzo - Own Thoughts) #2

Not yet. To do it today you’d need to split your items over multiple transactions and categorise each transaction accordingly. You can also use tagging as well but this wouldn’t be shown on the summary screen

(Tony) #3

I would imagine that, now they’ve finalised the ability to merge transactions together (as they have done with the coin jar facility), it should be fairly simple (haha) for them to split transactions out to allow for multiple categories to be used, but still show the same single transaction in your main view. I guess it’s then managing the impact on the summary etc., but it feels like this ability would be a natural progression.


I too would like the ability to split a transaction among categories so the Summary insight is then reading accurately.

I too spent at a supermarket chain recently and purchased clothing as well as groceries, however, could only record the transaction under one category.

Custom categories would be ideal for me too, though I think we may be asking too much of Monzo for all these features.

Let’s see what they add.

A HOME category is a most for me. Starling have that, but I prefer to use Monzo still.

I like to be able to read my transaction notes in my feed, not have to open each entry.

(Andy - Customer of Monzo - Own Thoughts) #5

I don’t believe we will see custom categories anytime soon. Monzo have repeatedly been quite against them

I too would like to see the ability to both split and combine transaction information. Fingers crossed!!

(Kelvin Papp) #6

Stumbled across this after going to post much the same thing…

This type of functionality would be very useful when it comes to certain transactions, particularly credit card payments. I tend to pay off my credit card in full each month which consists of a mix of petrol, expenses, and larger shopping type transactions. At the minute all I can do is pick the primary category, or mark it as a bill payment.

I’d really like to be able to split the transaction (even if only broadly), into multiple categories e.g. £500 credit card payment = £200 transport, £200 expenses, £100 shopping.


(Tony) #7

It would be cool if you could somehow link a credit card payment with the credit card provider themselves (or forward the bill to Monzo for them to extract the info?), so Monzo would have access to the specific individual purchases that make up your payment; this way Monzo could use their existing knowledge of merchant == category, and provide a full breakdown of all the transactions w/categories assigned in that bill when you expand the bill payment. You could also change the category within there, should you need to.

This would only work if you were paying off the whole bill each month, of course!