Split Cost Sync & Salary Sync

When we split the cost of a transaction with our friends, the transaction should change the price of the transaction on our end so that the spendings page is more accurate.

Also, when my salary comes in, it goes into the Transfers Catogorie instead of Salary, and I’m not able to change it to salary? Again, this would improve the accuracy of spendings.

Is your salary over £500? Know that’s changed/changing soon to a lower amount

Bill splitting is mentioned a lot

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I get paid on a weekly basis, so yes it’s less than 500 a week. But I see, I didn’t know that was a thing. Hopefully that is changed. I’m sure it will be :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s just in trial stage at the moment so they’re using a one off payment of over £500 a month. It will be expanded to other salary ranges etc once it’s a bit more developed. if It’s not useful turn off the labs and go back to the old targets for a while :yum: