Split bills between budget categories

I really got into the budgeting thing, allocating all my bills into categories. I stopped using it because I found I couldn’t split the bills between categories etc. So with that in mind I have 2 suggestions that would really enhance the service in my opinion:

  • Allow the user to split a single bill between budget categories. For example, if I spend £50 in Sainsbury’s £30 might be groceries and £20 could be household (new kettle / toaster etc).

  • Allow the user to create custom budget categories. For example I’d like one for lunch money, separate to groceries.


I’m not sure Monzo are keen to offer custom categories. They do like to send out occasional messages along the lines of “Monzo customers spent x% of their spending on this or that category.” It might get a bit gnarled up with custom categories. I’m not sure how much engineering it would take, either. More than either of us imagine, I suppose.

Much the same goes for split categories. I know that Emma offer them, but that might only be for paying customers.

This has been suggested before, you can vote for it here:

Great, thanks

You’re welcome :blush: