Splash screen vs top of screen notifications

(James Allison) #1

I prefer what I think is called the RKDropdownAlert library (those internal app notifications) to the full splash screen alerts we now have for things like feedback submission confirmation. I think these are too intrusive and break down the momentum of the user; I find myself waiting far too long to use the app again once that big screen pops up. What do you all think?

(PhilB) #2

Agreed: If they’re unskippable/time fixed, they should probably be changed. If they can be flicked away, add a visual cue to that effect. I’ve only used the feedback box once so I hadn’t reflected on it.

Nobody who’s an established user of an application likes unskippable modal dialogues/cutscenes/logoscreens/anything, and right now there’s going to be a lot more feedback than normal. It’s not a level of annoying that’s going to stop people posting feedback, but it’s still going to needlessly slow people down.

(James Allison) #3

I love the comparison image at the top of this Medium post: https://medium.com/@cwRichardKim/devux-uialertview-alternatives-3a78ab64cbf8#.wndlip9e3

(Hugo Cornejo) #4

Well spotted guys, and many thanks for suggesting solutions for it. You’re awesome!! :heart_eyes: