Sphere Chat - Updates and what I'm up to 🌐

Not sure whether I follow that.

Is that basically a no?

Small update… We recently launched our landing page website. One of the first steps towards coming out of stealth mode!

Check it out:

Aside from that, we’ve been focusing on “production-readiness” by which we mean squashing an absolute ton of bugs across Android, iOS and Web. Plus, our design team are hard at work mocking up a few design prototypes of upcoming features so we can show them to some of our early cohort users to gather their thoughts and feedback before we build them.

We have a significant amount of groups actually using the product day to day right now considering how early we are (including quite a few forum members here) and I’m in the midst of planning our first digital event!

Couldn’t be happier with how progress is going :blush:


Some super interesting ideas here! And the UI from the initial screenshots looks lovely. Excited to see how it plays out especially with Discords re focusing on its copy https://blog.discord.com/your-place-to-talk-a7ffa19b901b

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We’re actually super excited about this, it validates a lot of our thinking. And we share the same VC investor :slight_smile:

100% there is always room for some competition! Best of luck and excited to try it when you launch

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Always good to see competition but from experience messaging apps seem to be very regional.

WhatsApp in much of Europe, South America. iMessage in North America and Canada

Facebook messenger is the preferred in Iceland.

I just wonder how easy it will be to hit that critical mass. I wouldn’t bother downloading any other app based on only 1-2 people I know wanting to use it for a group chat, not when we already use an alternative together already.


Valid point! I am a very heavy Discord user and a reluctant Messenger and WhatsApp user . I only use the Facebook products as everyone I know in europe/the UK does so I have little choice