Spending more than blanace

It seems quite easy to spend a lot more than what the current balance of the card allows for. I guess this does tend to be linked to contactless more than others but I did manage to spend more than I should. The account does end up declining those transactions once they come through but not sure what happens next?
Does the retailer try again in a few days or is that definetely declined or do I need to get in touch with them to tell them to try again?

Hey @aspark, as you’ve noticed it’s generally offline transactions that can take the card into small negative balances (this should fix itself on your card after 10-15 contactless transactions so they are no longer delayed).

If delayed transactions then come through when you’re in the negative, they will generally be accepted by us - the only exception is TfL charges which will be declined. TfL normally try a couple of times and then will stop the card from being used again until you have paid the outstanding fare(s) - this is easily done by following the instructions on the TfL website here.

Does that make sense? Let me know if you have any questions about it though! :slight_smile: