Spelling error in FAQ

While trying to solve a problem with my Monzo Plus card not being able to add to my Apple Watch, I found a spelling error in the FAQ.


I got it , I got it …“kleeping” your real card :slight_smile:

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That the one!

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Kleeping - I kinda like it

Isn’t the pay in Apple / Google Pay also incorrect needs to be a capital letter or am I dreaming that bit up

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what’s up with your status bar @Shuttleu?

Correct. It’s also not accurate to describe them as Apple / Google Pay, given that Pay is apart of both product names, and so should be referred to Apple Pay / Google Pay.

I have MooreBarX13 (jailbreak tweak) installed

It allows me to have (chosen) application icons in the notch when they have notifications and to have a bit more info in the status bar

It makes it easier to see when I have a notification from an app that I want bought to my attention, rather than being drowned out in the notification center

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