Speed of refunds visibility

My friend and I, bought refundable tickets from the same website that uses stripe processing for card payments.

We later decided to not go, and refunded them. They saw pending refund with the wrong amount straight away yesterday, and received refund today (or see correct refund amount). I think they used a high street bank debit card.

I paid with Amex credit card and still don’t see pending refund. I normally only see settled refund many days later.

Is this something new or standard to see pending refunds instantly? Or just debit Vs credit card difference?

Are refunds visible as pending straight away with Monzo, Monzo flex, starling, Revolut?

HSBC does this I think and shows pending payments in advance.

Others such as Monzo Starling etc generally won’t until day of arrival or depending how it’s sent, it could be via bacs which may show a day before.

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You may also find, in the case of credit cards specifically, that your available credit updates before the transaction list does.

I think I’ve asked this question before, because it would be great. And I think the answer was:

With card payments, you see it as pending because it happens in two steps. First Monzo authorises the payment and then the retailer presents the transaction for actual payment from your account a day or two later.

With a refund, it just happens in one go: the money just appears in your account X minutes/days after the retailer pays it. So Monzo have no idea that it’s due to come in.

As @Carlo1460 said, if they pay by Bacs (which would be unusual in my experience), then you will see it as pending the working day before.

I’d be interested to know if HSBC are doing this for all refunds, and how they’re doing that.

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