Spectre (new iOS camera app)

Anyone downloaded this? It looks pretty good.


It’s pretty wild and works really well. The other app they make Halide(a replacement for the stock camera app) is also superb. I can 100% see Apple trying to buy them down the line


I heard about Halide, because Apple supposedly deliberately turned off depth focus on the XR for non-human objects, even though the hardware is fully capable of it. I guess they did it to try and incentivise XS/Max sales. Halide turned it back on for the XR in their app :joy:

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Very cool, going to download this. Thanks for the recommendation!

Yes. Had a quick play and it’s going to be a fun little app. very powerful.

I use their ‘other’ photo app Halide as my main character, shoots in RAW (which you can edit on the iPhone in Enlight or somesuch) and much better control over the photo you are taking.

I hope Apple DON’T buy them though, I fear an app like Halide would become a set of hidden settings rather than a standalone app…

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If you’re shooting in Halide in RAW, get Darkroom for your editing needs. It’s super powerful, and Halide detects when you have it installed and gives you a handy ‘edit in Darkroom’ button (along with a corresponding ‘shoot in Halide’ button in Darkroom.

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Ha it’s too early. I meant Darkroom… where’s my coffee…

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I’ve been playing with it, got some nice shots.