Special Edition Monzo Pin Badge

So this pop up in my feed today, anybody know what the special edition pin badge looks like? needless to say I still want one! :wink:Screenshot_20190219-175137_Monzo


Ooh, even I haven’t seen the mockup for this yet. Want!

It’s probably floating around on Slack somewhere but I’m in like a bajillion channels :see_no_evil:


Can’t wait to see a photo of this cool pin :heart_eyes: wonder if it’s anything like what Coral Crew got back in the early days? :eyes: (Looks for photo :crossed_fingers:)

It’s going to be incredibly hard to sign up 5 people :grimacing: but I’ve got 2 prospects at least :sweat_smile: totally need to make this happen, gotta get this pin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A nice idea!


Great idea! I’d love a pin badge but no feed item :frowning:


I could help with a photo, if anybody wants to find me 5 people haha


Anyone got 5 friends I can borrow? :eyes: (if/when I get the feed item ofc…) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The badge sounds great but I’d struggle with getting 5 friends to sign up


Same. I really really want one. :frowning:

Sucks that all my friends are already registered :frowning:


Has anyone got any spare friends hanging about, I will share the pin badge in return

Who else got the feed?

If you already have 5 people signed up do you get a pin? Do you get one for every 5 people.
Only asking as I would like a pin, I think it will be a no though.
Why do I want a pin? I have no idea, but it’s a pin and it’s monzo.


My friends won’t sign up to Monzo being poor students and all :sob:

I already have 25 referrals, can I get one for that?

Granted about 15-18 of those are from the old Golden Ticket thread but still…


Does one need to have the feed item in order to be ‘in the running’ for a special pin? :blush:

I don’t think I’ve got a chance at finding the 5 people required :sweat_smile: but if I do manage it, I’d love to know it wasn’t for nothing - if I don’t have the feed item :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

#wouldtrade£25forapin :tada:

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I might have 5, lets see how the pin looks

Long shot but i need 2 more people, if anyone is recommending anyone, can they use my link and i will send them the fiver :grin:

I know this thread hasn’t had any responses in a while - but is this the badge ? Or is this some sort of monzo badge in general ? :thinking:

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The hot chip one might have been the one we were giving away for this experiment actually, yeah.

This experiment did not work. As it turns out, most investors had already referred all of their friends.

I’ve got the heart one, but I don’t recall the details of what that was for.

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