South West Trains: Refund bug?

@garete @Wheetoz Did you report this to I think it would be good to let them know and investigate the transactions.


Not happened to me

I bought the ticket on Monday, the refund came through early Sunday morning. It does still say pending transaction on the original ticket purchase though, so like you say @SimonT they most likely haven’t processed the transaction yet. Although, my friend bought her ticket early last week (Wednesday 5th), later got a refund but SWT still haven’t taken the refund back

Not wanting to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s pretty unlikely you’ve got free train tickets :sob:

In both cases raised by @garete and @wheetoz the refund came around 5 days after the original ‘authorisation’ was made. This means that SWT were slower than they should have been in ‘presenting’ your account (not the only thing they do late :roll_eyes:), and therefore you were auto-refunded.

We do this because sometimes illegitimate charges or active card checks show up this way, and you really do want a refund of these after 5 days. But in cases like this it can be really annoying and weird, especially if you don’t see the refund so it looks like you’ve been charged twice :scream:

In a few days time you should get charged though :money_with_wings: In some crazy situations these show up several months late, but fingers crossed for you :crossed_fingers:


Shame really, cos you could advertise ‘free travel on SW trains’ :smiling_imp:


I had the same thing with TFL and the congestion charge but I didn’t get a “free ticket” out of it - I got a fine for non-payment…

That’s not good. To save other users from having the same thing happen to them - do you know how you could have avoided that happening? Did you manage to avoid paying the fine in the end?

No it’s not good, TFL said they can find no evidence of payment and all I could do was forward them screenshots from monzo. They ignored(?) my evidence and said I had to pay, I refused (on the grounds that I had paid at the time) and it’s gone to London Tribunals.
I should have got a receipt number but didn’t and didn’t think much of it as I got the instant notification of “payment”.
I got refunded ~6days later and again didn’t think much of it (I don’t really drive in to London and actually assumed I got refunded as I didn’t go in to a zone).

My evidence is screenshots and a letter from monzo saying that the transaction happened, they’ve sent about 100 pages. I’m waiting to hear what happens.

There’s little I can advise other than making sure you get your receipt number with TFL. It’s been a bad experience and a lot of stress for an £11.50 purchase, I’d think twice about using monzo for a similar service in the future.

Support we’re quite helpful in providing a letter but this is my second experience where not having bank statements has stung me. I don’t know what a “normal” bank would have done assisting me as nothing like this has ever happened before.


Clearly a sign of​ happy customer​.
You should try northern Rail. :triumph:


To be honest it is not :mondo: fault. If they provide you with a written letter saying the transaction happened (i guess they included some kind of transaction id?), TFL should be able to track the payment.

I am not sure about the legal ground etc. but from a logical perspective TFL messed up and you should be on the clear side.

My guess would be you have been dealing with their customer service and they probably don’t approve :mondo: as a bank.


Sounds like a lot of hassle :disappointed:, I’ll be interested to see what happens - hopefully it gets cleared up for you reasonably quickly… Can’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be as @marcel_w said

Really can’t recommend using Monzo for SWT tickets, as I’ve a stream of SWT refunds in my Monzo feed now. I probably should’ve realised not to use it when the contactless pad on the machine didn’t work but chip-and-pin did. I thought I’d have a headache trying to make sure I have the right positive balance to cover the eventual actual payments, but a chat with in-app support reassured me that I can carry on using it as normal and top up after it goes negative if necessary.

I’ll be using my First Direct card to pay for SWT tickets for the foreseeable future, I think. That works as contactless (as did my old Lloyds card).

“From a logical perspective” you’d think so but…
London Tribunals have just finished with the evidence and the appeal has been rejected. They believe that TFL’s systems weren’t to blame and the lack of a receipt number means I did not pay - This may be a niche case but it kind of defeats the purpose of instant notifications (trusting that a payment going out is a payment made).

Still no reply from Monzo customer support from last night despite being told it would be picked up this morning.

Sorry to hear that. Did you get a reply from them by now?

Sorry to hear that about the decision.

I did eventually thanks.
I’m basically on my own though :slight_smile:
I say I did pay, TFL say I didn’t pay, monzo says I tried to pay and Mr. Tribunal says I owe $$$

Ignoring my time I’m current £130 down. If only I’d used a credit card!..

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That’s a bummer, I’m sorry!

I’m trying to approach it logically (not as Monzo fan girl). Do you know why transaction was refunded? I feel like I’m missing something here… It’s not like Monzo didn’t try to send money and it’s not like you (or Monzo) requested a refund in the first place. I find Tribunal’s ruling logically flawed - whenever tfl sends back the money, it’s USER’S fault because journey was not paid for? They/tfl could really improve on their revenue if they return few transactions a day and then get users to pay fees…


I don’t really know, nothing like this has ever happened to me before.

The way I vaguely understand it is that:
I logged on to TfL’s webpage and “paid” the congestion charge.
I got the £11.50 payment notification in monzo which is an “authorisation”.
This money is “presented” to TfL but 6 days later I received a refund for the £11.50 as TfL didn’t “collect” in time.
TfL are one of the few companies that can recollect the money after this 6 day period but they never did.

I’ve probably bodged my description and the terminology but that’s basically what I’ve learnt during this. That’s basically it, TFL say that can’t find any evidence of payment and refused my appeal. I appealed again in tribunal and again it was refused. Monzo described the above and gave me an “authorisation number” for the payment but that obviously meant as much to TfL and London tribunals as it did to me.

Current at £130 fine for the poxy charge, I’ll keep writing letters as it goes up exponentially like the ignorant, stuck in the middle consumer that I am :slight_smile:


I know that technically they say ‘Sam didn’t pay, Sam now pays a fee’, that’s why ruling wasn’t in your favour. And technically you didn’t pay, but you did your best and what you thought was enough to secure the payment.

Current ruling is making you responsible for fault - apparently and clearly - on tfl’s end. How consumer can be responsible for financial system of the seller? Similar analogy would be, I go to Tesco and buy stuff, but my payment is not collected. Tesco tells police I stole food and I had to pay x10 more. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I might be layman in terms of law and fancy banking rules, but hell, this doesn’t seem fair in any way.

I wanted to say ‘may the odds be ever in your favour’, but they are not in your favour currently anyway. :sob:


Thanks for the support Marta, a pretty silly situation to be in. It’s not like I magically made an £11.50 payment to TfL from my card, this was initiated by following a process and entering a number into a system on a website like we’ve all done 1000s of times.
TfL’s main arguement is that I dont have the receipt number that they give at payment - obviously I should have read 93 pages of t&c, ignored the “payment” notifications and constantly repeated until their system (or forgive me, monzo’s?!!) stopped blipping and gave me one…

It’s likely TfL but someone has failed me and there’s only two parties involved, leaving me the pain of fighting out of prinicpal!