🇿🇦 Monzo in South Africa

(Brandon Billingham) #22

Just went to a standard bank ATM. Halifax card no charge for ATM. Monzo card will result in a few. Why?

Monzo is meant to be my main bank account but getting hit with these sort of fees when competitors do not isn’t very attractive.

(Louis Cox) #23

Hi all!

I have been looking into these Mastercard acceptance issues, and wanted to step in and shed some light on why I think this is happening.

I’m almost certain this is due to acquirers or payment gateways not updating their BIN (Bank Identification Number) tables regularly enough to recognise our cards. We have had this problem with a fair few merchants now.

The issue always seems to be the same - because they don’t recognise our BIN, either our card isn’t accepted at all, or their systems default to assuming it’s a credit card, because it’s on the Mastercard network.

The (slight) silver lining here is that this means the solution is always the same - work out where the issue lies, then badger the right people to update their BIN tables!

To help us do this, please send as much information as possible to customer support when your card mysteriously declines, or is recognised as a credit card.

Myself and the Payments Operations team will work through these reports, but reaching resolutions can take some time, so thanks for bearing with us!

(Brandon Billingham) #24

Hi Louis,

Thanks for the public update. I think you know I’ve already been working with Leah on this. I’ll continue my tour of SA ATM’s so we can get it resolved for good!


There are 5 major banks in South Africa. Absa, First National, Nedbank and Standard Bank all charge ZAR 50 per cash withdrawal, but Capitec don’t charge a penny (or a ZAR 1 cent).

(Tony Dysart ) #26

Unfortunately haven’t had the ‘positive’ experience others may have had.
Card not accepted by numerous places. Bit embarrassing!
Double transactions appearing on account summary. Monzo ‘holding’ the money. Not sure what that means …
Unfortunately Monzo not responding to queries. Hence coming on here.
Not reliable unfortunately.
Other cards working perfectly well.
Rather use them to avoid the uncertainty of a Monzo transaction


Hi @tonydysart, I’ve moved your message here to keep all the South Africa info in one place.

Sorry that you’ve had a bad experience - Monzo should work everywhere that MasterCard is accepted :frowning:.

Do keep waiting in the in app chat, though. Monzo’s a bit busy at the moment but they promise to get back to you asap.

(Tony Dysart ) #28

Although Monzo have now responded and dealt with the previous issues I proceeded to use the Monzo card on their instruction only for the exact same issue to arise.
Fairly significant payment taken from the Monzo but not received by shop.
Had to then pay with another card. Send this receipt to Monzo before getting the money back. It was dealt with but is a bit of an inconvenience.
Hope Monzo get it sorted

(Lola) #29

Did you manage to travel to Zim and win with your Monzo card?


Hi Lola
The old Monzo card worked fine in Zim and SA, but I only tried it in large hotels/restaurants. Most spending in Zim was in cash dollars that we took with us from UK. This was back in Feb 2017. Things may have changed in Zim.
The Current Account card has worked fine in other countries since then.

(Lola) #31


Thanks hope the trip was good. Was just wondering how big dark africa is working;)