Sort scheduled payments by expected date

I wonder how many of you out there look at your scheduled payments and wish you could sort them by expected date? Currently its pretty difficult to track the order they come out. What says you Monzo? Can you do it?

EDIT: This refers to specifically the subscriptions and direct debits section under scheduled payments on Andriod.

They are already

At least for me

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Already been suggested in July 2019

And mine are in date order on android

Awesome, I’ve upvoted.


Are you on iOS or Android, as latter seems to have that already?

I’m on iOS so it’s available for both

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I’m on Android but they appear by name order

Mine are alphabetically for those on the 1st, followed by the 3rd, followed by the 5th, so seem to be in order.

Strange :thinking:

I’m on Android - the top section ‘Scheduled payments & standing orders’ are in date order, closest date for payment at the top, furtherst date of payment away at the bottom. Just how it should be.


The lower section ‘Subscriptions and Direct Debits’ are in psuedo-alphabetical order. I say psuedo because Paypal mysteriously appears at the top of the alphabetical list. But it’s a drag to scan through when you are checking dates.

Admittedly, less of a drag with bills pots as it sort of automates this for you so you don’t have to think about when a payment is to be made!

I’m on Android. All mine are alphabetical.

For me, scheduled payments and standing orders are by date, Subscriptions and Direct Debits are alphabetical (aside from a group of merchants that want to sit at the top for some reason). As @davidwalton described.

Mine on iOS are fine and in date order

Yes, subscriptions and DD is the section that’s alphabetical, I should have been more specific. I’ve made edit in original post.


I knew this subject sounded familiar…

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I couldn’t work out from the thread if that got picked up by monzo, was being considered or got lost in all the other ‘wants’ :thinking:

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The more times it is mentioned (and voted for), the more exposure it’ll get.
I’ve voted here too :+1:

Mine are all in date order, except MBNA which is shoved one place down out of order.

However, that’s a new DD that has only had two payments and the backend may not have learned that’s a monthly DD yet (hence the Last Paid label rather than the Monthly label).

Edit: actually the EE one isn’t showing as Monthly and that’s been active for a good chunk of time, so god knows what’s going on