Some good feedback paying cheques in

I posted a cheque to Monzo for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised:

Saturday - posted cheque
4pm Tuesday - Monzo alert (something like: we’ve received your cheque, should be in your account by the end of next Monday)
Thursday morning - money came out of payee’s account
9am Monday - money arrived in my Monzo account


I think that is the fastest I have seen someone mention and definitely faster than my personal experience


Do you have another account you could have used?

Just curious as you’re regular here so you’ll have seen all the complaints about it, but still went with Monzo.

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Long story - but yes i do. (The payee wanted to post me a cheque, so I asked them to post it direct to Monzo).

Also I wasn’t in a rush for the money and I was curious :grinning:


What’s been your usual timeline?

2 week

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I know, I know, a few too many YT links from me today, but here’s a ‘2 weeks’ clip from one of the best sci-fi/action films ever…

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We only hear about the ones that go wrong,
Monzo recently put down the ETA for cheques by a day, they wouldn’t put it down if there was major issues.

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