So Is My New Card out for delivery or not?

According to this my new card is for out for delivery tomorrow. I assume it’ll arrive Monday and not Sunday but anyway…

Next line says I need to check my address… I have to ask “isn’t a bit late to ask me to check my address after you’ve sent the card”

Then it says " we need to post your card"

So have they sent the card or not and will it arrive tomorrow???

I know it seems pedantic but does nobody check these things before they are related into the app or sent out on a email. My neighbours 5 year old could construct a better message


I have an excuse, I’m American :us: :rofl:

Also nice to see the take away from that is the error in my message and not the message from professional and regulated bank but…

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For how much they go on about tone and messaging and character count, they get this sort of thing wrong a lot.


it’s such as easy thing to get right if they just paid a little more attention

I’m sure you’ll find out Monday if it arrives :rofl: do let us know though what happened

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I’m guessing by the later sentence, “we need to post your card tomorrow”, what they actually mean is a new card is scheduled to be dispatched tomorrow, not delivered tomorrow.

I think that’s the only way the whole thing makes sense.

Hanlons Razor, and all that, I would guess it’s an error in wording and not that they are asking you to check your details after it’s been posted.

But maybe this is the frauded debate again and they’re just picking a new meaning :man_shrugging:

Do we think my card will arrive on Monday :joy::joy:
  • Of course it will, have faith.
  • Hells No

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Coming straight after the weird copy from the tax residency email this is very strange. Time to hire some new writers, or proofreaders, maybe? I have always found Monzo to be far easier to understand than my old banks in the past, but this isn’t good at all.


No card today

Slightly more shocking was my postman turning up before midday :joy:


FYI, I read the thread and brought this up with our writing team. They have proposed new wording, so we’ll put that forward this week.

Thanks for the feedback :pray:


:thinking: Still no card

Have you checked under the tree?


The sooner you go to sleep, the sooner Santa your card comes.

(I can’t work out how to do strike through, but just imagine that Santa has a line through it)


Double tilda tilde either side of the text?


Thank you!


What is this whichwitchcraft?!

I’ve been using


like some common fool


Personally I just use <s> </s> around what what I want to strike out

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All these wasted characters! I could have saved seconds


I’d wait till it’s between the 21st-25th, and if it’s not here with the first post after xmas, then contact Monzo.

Royal Mail are stretched thin currently, and the estimate in App does say 21-25th December.

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