Sneak Peek : Targets on Android!

(Simon B) #1

People, Monzonauts, Forum Familia… We have a super cool sneak peek for y’all.

One of the most requested Monzo features ever. A HUGE milestone in feature parity. Literally something that’s been on the agenda ever since I started here some 18 months ago, when we first launched our app on Android.

MASSIVE, MASSIVE shoutout to our Product Team, our Android devs, and everyone that’s worked super hard on this, and our upcoming Spending revamp in general. As a Pixel 2 XL user, I’m amped!

More details to come very soon, including launch date…!!!


Community Roundup - 27/4/18
(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #2

New categories???!!! :eyes:

(Michael) #3

Yea, this has been known for a while … Upcoming Features

I don’t know the full list of new ones :sweat_smile:

(Wayne Simpson) #4

custom categories would be good! or even just one for Drinks… :wink:

Glad it looks like I may soon be able to move away from using Yolt for all this!

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #5

Woooooahhhh!! :tada::tada::tada::tada::boom::boom::boom:

That’s possibly the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while! :grin::grin:

Targets currently exists in my head based on the previous month’s data :joy: having somewhere real (and great looking :sunglasses:) to set real targets will be spot on :ok_hand:

Grats to the entire Android team :smile: you guys have been working non-stop by the looks :wink:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #6

Might I redirect your attention to #tags? :wink:

They’re really good for categorising things :grin:

(Wayne Simpson) #7

Cant set a “tag” target however, not what I’m after.

(Bradley) #8

Been looking forward to this for quite some time! Good to see Monzo getting closer to parity.


It would be good to have the targets like a speedo or clock with the arm going further and further round until you reach your target at 12:00 … A kind of pie chart if you like :wink:


I just looked at mine and excluded some spending whistles anonymously

I can’t wait until the redesigned tab is out to everyone.

(Nick) #11


(Jack Donovan) #12

This is amazing. But sadly I’ll still be using YNAB :frowning: I was hoping that a YNABesque way of budgeting would be happening. Setting targets isn’t a lot of use to me sadly, what if I set myself targets then don’t get the income to meet those targets and end up overspending…

I love it I really do, but I can’t replace YNAB with this :frowning:

(Wayne Simpson) #13

YNAB dosent sync with the like or Monzo or many UK bank for that matter right?

(Jack Donovan) #14

It doesn’t. But doesn’t take long at all to add your transactions - there’s mobile apps for Android and iOS :slight_smile:

(Wayne Simpson) #15

Becomes chore that way, hence why I didn’t use them. Money Dashboard or Yolt is automatic with custom dates FTW

(Jack Donovan) #16


In the same boat with YOLT and Emma. They are nothing in comparison to YNAB

(Again, yolt is just targets. Not helpful at all - in YNAB you are just budgeting the money that you actually have to spend)

And it really isn’t a chore. YNAB thrive on the fact that they actually make budgeting fun. And believe me. It is :smiley:

Manual sync is actually better IMO. You have more understanding rather than worrying that something hasn’t synced correctly. It forces you to think about every transaction rather than thinking ahh I’m sure it’s all good, I can’t be bothered today

(Simon B) #17

I think YNAB is probably fantastic for people who want to actively budget.

What we are trying to do is make it completely passive, so that budgeting and keeping a hold on your finances requires as little effort as possible.

(Jack Donovan) #18

This makes complete sense. I was thinking this earlier today actually, that maybe I only see issues because I have a YNAB mindset. Whereas if I didn’t budget before, targets would be an amazing thing.

Sadly it’s not just about wanting to actively budget either. I HAVE to. Otherwise I would be totally stuffed.

For people who don’t have to worry about where every penny is going, I can see YNAB being a bit over the top

(Nick) #19

I’m curious, so apologies if this question is nosy or inappropriate; but how does the fact that there’s a monthly charge for YNAB tally with worrying about where every penny is going? It’s one of the things that puts me off using it, spending money to save money.

(Emma (still not the app)) #20

I’ve seen people say that it works so well that they save so much money it’s well worth it.
I just use a double entry book keeping approach with pen and paper :woman_shrugging: