Slow support responses


Glad you got it sorted @landlord81 :raised_hands: we do have a lot of new staff being trained, but feedback is more than welcome - if you want me to get it passed on about how it was initially handled, let me know!

(Is Santa here yet?) #352

FYI now resolved :boom:


Whats the current wait time now?

(Naz) #354

I believe it’s around 3 hours for non-urgents, sub 5 mins for urgents.

We expect this to creep up a little throughout the weekend, then if all goes to plan we’ll be on top of things by the end of next week :crossed_fingers:

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That’s amazing. Great work by all :heart:


@naz made some amazing tooling along with the rest of our scaling team to help address our backlog :muscle:

(Naz) #357

It’s been a helluva week!


Any more info on what type of tooling? Would be interesting to find out more!

(Andy Hughes) #359

Is there a way for the customer to mark a query as ‘resolved’? For example, there may be a case where they have managed to self-resolve something and then their query would still be sat gumming up the queue. It would be great if they could mark it as resolved themselves and thus clear it from the queue. I don’t know how much this realistically happens though?

What’s made me think of this is the fact I recently had an issue (it was sort of an issue with another bank). By the time the COp replied to me the issue had been resolved and I forgot to reply. I then got a follow-up message a few days later from a different guy asking if I still needed help and when I replied to that, it was to yet another chap.
This wasted the time of 3 different COps for an issue which was already resolved. Unless the second guy was a robot :scream:

(Hugh Wells) #360

That’s a really good idea! I’ll pass it on :raised_hands:

At 9pm Saturday it was:

Missed calls is a bit misleading as these tasks often remain open for a long time even though they have already had a follow up!

6 hours isn’t great but it is much better than we were seeing a few weeks ago - the new COps onboard have been making a real difference :raised_hands:

As of now it is:

You can see chat has crept up as we’ve lost a lot of the cover we had earlier on :disappointed: This will come down again as the Sunday morning/day crew come on shift but we’re still acing urgents and customers already talking to us.

(Ignore the 1 waiting 10 minutes PIN recovery - it has been dealt with but sometimes they take a while to clear :see_no_evil:)


Needed to speak to the COPS last night… was answered and resolved within a few minutes… Loving your work Monzo :muscle:t2:


This is good to see, glad it’s coming down now. and the detailed update is really great, it’s one of the things I think makes Monzo stand out.


Love these stats :+1:

(Jonathon) #364

I’d rather like a live version of this possible to be seen!


Now that would be cool

(Matt C) #366

Thanks so much for the detailed post! Looks like you guys have done an amazing job to clear so much of the backlog. I almost want an urgent issue so that I can see how quick a response I get now for myself!


It’s this right now, though. Our new weekend COps are SMASHING it :muscle:

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Hope there’s a big Christmas bonus planned for all COps :partying_face:


Amazing work :+1:

What does ‘chat reassign’ mean?


This is when a COp has picked up a chat and is now marked as away, so it gets marked as a reassign chat to be picked up nice and quickly again, rather than going to the back of the queue!

It’s part of the magic that was developed this week, we press ctrl & 1 to assign a chat to ourselves :raised_hands:

It goes through this list to assign the conversation:

Chat, reassign
Chat, unassigned (something that has no replies at all)