Slow Service?

I feel like the customer service response time is getting slower. I’ve been with Monzo since forever but it feels like every time I contact them, the response takes that much longer. Currently still waiting almost 4 hours later after asking about something as simple as a limit increase (which will take time on top of that).

Are you a plus or premium customer? They have a dedicated team

Where does it say Plus or Premium get a dedicated team?


I don’t think they do

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This isn’t true.

Having a Plus/Premium team is different to a dedicated team for customer services.


That’s the team who deal with Plus/Premium related queries, not a dedicated support team for Plus/Premium members


Ah, maybe I misconstrued it because that was a reply I got when I reported the UI lag to them, definitely not plus/premium related

I’m going to tag @Dan5

Edit: I scrolled up a bit and I think they only picked it up because of the time it was (after normal CS had closed) usually gets picked up by normal CS first

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Normal CS doesn’t actually close. For some things/people it’s 24/7 but others it’s patchy/worse/terrible.

It’s just frustrating, especially since it’s a simple request. Maybe calling them would be quicker. Does anyone call them enough to know how fast they pick up? I remember calling first direct many years ago now and they would answer, with no IVR, in just a few rings every time. I remember thinking ‘this is next-gen CS’.

Calling is worse. They probably won’t answer and then it cuts you off after 20 minutes.

App is best but as your request isn’t urgent (to them) then you’re in the queue and they’ll get to you when they can.

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They don’t usually pick up in time before the line disconnects (after 20 minutes).

If you do get through you should also probably consider playing the lottery on the same day as it’s your lucky day


I just don’t understand how difficult this problem can be to solve? Just hire more agents? Am I missing something here? I’ve loved Monzo for so long now but the fact that they are not here when I need them most is disappointing.

It’s not as easy as just hiring more agents, we’ve hired more technical analysts at my job and the onboarding and training takes about 3 months where I work, could be different for Monzo though

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It’s not as easy as “get more staff” but customer service does need work. Huge work.


Of course, I do get that. I was being flippant… but it seems like something they need to sort out ASAP. Well, I’ll let you know what the final count was when they finally get back to me I guess. Thanks for letting me vent!

I honestly don’t think Monzo want to solve that. At least not by improving (human-to-human) support Like many tech companies, I think they want customers to self service their problems. Possibly with the help of bots.

I think Monzo consider customer service as a necessary evil that they try to deal with on the cheapest possible budget.

Just my opinion, though, but based on observing the direction they have been travelling over the last 2 or so years.


So many things people contact support about could be handled through reading the help articles or self serving.

At least, based on some that come here after failing to get through to support etc.


That’s true. And a valid opinion to have, and a valid direction for Monzo to take.

My personal preference is that when it comes to my money, I want to be able to contact my bank, rather than having to read help articles, and so I’m glad that at the moment there are plenty of banks that have customer service available.

That wasn’t my point, though: My point was that Monzo surely know that and how they could improve customer service speed/availability. But it appears to me that they don’t currently want to do that, based on the fact that their past choices over the last 2 or so years have been full of active decisions that led to the current status quo.


For some reason my previous post was flagged as a reply against you directly. Not intended.

As a broader point, the Cops team is hiring currently. So I’m sure they’d working on trying to alleviate the issues a bit.